Waking Titan Season 3

I was thinking that maybe this would be the last and final season of waking titan, I didn’t foresee hello games using it to tease and build up to future updates after NEXT when this season initially started.

I thought we’d get a nice wrapped up story by the end but as this season draws to a close I see now that we may not get all the answers to some outstanding ARG related mysteries.

It just doesn’t feel like there’s enough time to explore and explain every open thread so it’s starting to seem more likely that we may get another season of waking titan down the road for a future update.

I’m just wondering what people’s thoughts on this would be?

Do you feel like everything will wrap up nicely with season two?

Or maybe it will end for good with some loose threads left for the community to have fun theorising about for years?

Or maybe HG will continue to work with A&S in the future as this form of advertising fits the game like a glove and gives room to expand the story outside of the restraints of a procedural framework?

Personally I’d be happy for it to end with two seasons but I would not say no to a third and final season, four could be pushing it but let’s cross that road if and when we get to it :slight_smile:

Wasn’t sure whether to post this in waking titan category or nms general discussion so apologies if this is wrong place for it :kissing_heart:


Frankly we have no idea…there’s no way to tell what HG may be thinking and planning for future updates. They may decide this is it for the ARG or they may decide the ARG was a good idea and they’ll do more for future updates. We may find out more when this bit of the ARG ends if A&S speak directly to us a bit like they did after the ARG ended prior to 1.3 when they mentioned a couple cool bits like that they had two endings prepared base on what we decided to do about Emily and so on.

In terms of this ARG wrapping up I expect we’ll have one or two major plot twists like last year when we found out Emily was loop16.


I want more


Even if they do wrap up the story and give us a nice neat complete ending, they could always bring it back with some new facet or story line. Either way it is a wonderful thing for them to do and I enjoy it tremendously!


I don’t participate directly in the ARG but I think it’s great fun to watch unfold. I think the ARG is great for the community but should not take the place of advertisement. I feel that anyone who says ‘Do away with the ARG’ may regret it if they actually did. If you dislike the ARG that much then just don’t participate. No one should want to take the fun of the ARG away from those who like it. I’m content with spectating and i’m glad it’s around for me to do so.


My expectation is that Waking Titan will run next summer and conclude with the launch of NMS 2.0.


I believe 2.0 is on the cards for maybe when a new generation of consoles opens up more wiggle room for Hello Games. Sean has discussed, many times, the future of the game (and procedural generation as a whole) going forward, as new more powerful consoles release, allowing them to do even more with the basic procgen engine they’ve built with current gen consoles as lowest common denominator.

I don’t see new consoles for at least another two years going off the average gen cycle, no recession during this one so it’s not likely it will last ten years like the last gen but hey, I did not expect the last gen to last twice as long as previous ones.

Unless of course by 2.0 you mean the current game reaching this state via patches and update numbering practices and not an actual no mans sky sequel.


For myself, I welcome everything that Hello Games throws at me, and I welcome everything that Alice and Smith throw at me.

Hello Games are engaged in a huge, magnificent project. They seem determined to throw back nearly all of the money they’ve earned as improvements and extra story. The ARG, which is free to anyone who wants to join in, is intriguing enough on its own. Coupled with No Man’s Sky, which just keeps getting better and better, creates a combination which is utterly compelling. It’s wonderful.

I don’t know how long they can / will keep up the free updates, and the free ARG. But I’ve never seen a game developer put on this kind of show. I paid £60.00 for the game, two years ago. I’ve put in something like 3,500 hours since then. and that’s just game time. Probably something similar on the various ARG sections. I think I’ve more than had my money’s worth.

As @toddumptious said, I thought the ARG would finish with the NEXT release. But now, it looks like it might not. There’s still more story to come.

How can anybody sane not love this?


I am thinking of the latter, definitely - the game as fully realized as they can make it now.


The game is just wonderful, as is the accompanying ARG.
For me the puzzles in the ARG mostly go beyond me but I’ve enjoyed watching it all develop here and will keep doing so.
Thanks to all that participated up till now and given me the feeling to be part of it as well :joy:


I’m thinking that W.T. may wind up with this update but may become a new ARG… still intertwined with NMS but something new.
I also think the continued support & updates for NMS (& the symbiotic ARG), will heavily depend on the success of the NEXT update…with the possibility of this being the last massive update.

I enjoy the ARG more as a noisy spectator than as a useful contributor but I do hope this kind of side entertainment continues & I really, really hope NMS does keep on getting updates for years :smile:


What if the NEXT update is required to finish up this season? Just a thought … :wink:


Ohhh… don’t start that @DevilinPixy! My tinfoil hat is already shredded. I look like I’m covered in foil confetti. :grin: :fireworks:


Love this! :point_up_2:t4:


They might have a hard time finding anyone willing to read about, much less solve, the puzzles. I really doubt they’d even try it…either they’ll end it this weekend or next weekend but it’s ending before NEXT. WT is most likely taking a lengthy break of at least a couple of months if it doesn’t end permanently.


Nice thought. I don’t see it happening, because it would make the ARG inaccessible to people who don’t own No Man’s Sky.

On the other hand, there are now far too many loose ends for everything to be adequately resolved in the time remaining.

There has to be a sequel.


To be fair this ARG is about and for NMS…the number of non-NMS owners who play the ARG is very low indeed…I mean the game s constantly getting sales on Steam/GOG and the PS4 version is always available for $20 at gamestop so there’s no good reason to not own NMS by now.

But I REALLY don’t see the ARG interfering with NEXT after it launches but if it does return for 1.6 I’d like to see a lot more in game activities.

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I tend to agree. In terms of the connection between NMS and the ARG, the fourth wall has been well and truly broken.

But that’s not to say that the ARG can’t continue. All that’s needed is a change of direction, and emphasis.

And, If you remember, before this phase of the ARG got into its stride, we were give a questionnaire. One of the questions concerned the difficulty of the puzzles. “Do you want them easier, about the same, or harder?”

I said “easier”. But I’m willing to bet that the majority of people said “harder” - because that’s what macho gamers do.

And now they’re complaining that they can’t do the puzzles.


With the dreamers at least I think we had a good combination of difficulty from very easy to unreasonably hard(imo) though I do think they tried too hard at making things difficult with Alexander’s first two conversations and slightly messed up in that we were being told a thing or two that were contradictory to logically sorting out the answers.


Hey, I was the one who solved Alexander’s final puzzle. If you couldn’t do it, it’s because you’re just dumb.

NOTE - the above is a joke. Just making sure of that. The puzzle was actually ridiculously obscure, and I got lucky.