Putting the superlumina-6c.com numbers through cypher


When you replace the letter “e” in 16.0e998112 with the number 5, you get 16.05998112. Putting that number into a decimal to hex converter you get this - (16.0998112)10 = (10)16.

Could this be pointing towards cassette tape 10/16?


That’s a good thought. Though wouldn’t you get 10 (hex) for any float between 16.0 and 16.999?


I have no idea hahaha I was just messing around with the numbers and when i saw (10)16 i thought it could be pointing us towards that cassette


Without changing the letter e to a 5 you dont get the number 10


Notice that your first result appears to only properly convert 16 (dec) to 10 (hex). Everything else including the ‘dot’ then appears to be treated as a string. Most like due to the dot in the input, proper conversion can not be done. It can most likely not treat your input as a full numerical value.

Your last example contains the ‘e’ as well as the ‘dot’, which the tool can not treat as a decimal value at all. Interesting to see it actually accepts the letter ‘e’, while the tool does not accept any other letters at all. Other characters it appears to accept are the ‘+’ and ‘-’ with pretty much any other symbol not being accepted. I doubt this is the correct way to get to any useful results.


Thank you for explaining that man :ok_hand:


Simply adding the numbers of the Years that has changed gives you 10 (2+0+1+7=10) and 11 (2+0+1+8=11)
respectively. Tape 10/16 is accounted for where Tape 11/16 has yet to surface.


Thats cool man, that makes more sense it being the 11th tape. Good job