To-Do List (Updated 6/12)


Alright guys, we’ve made a lot of progress (and we’ve been given a time to expect a new broadcast), but that doesn’t mean we can stop digging! I’m compiling a list of things that we should try to focus on before the Puerto Rico broadcast here, feel free to use this thread to chatter or to make more threads for various tasks :blush:

####Clear up the audio from the videos of Elizabeth Leighton


Video 1
Video 2
A user on YouTube has overlaid these two videos pretty well, it’s possible this is what we’re meant to do with them!



Investigate ‘instance16status’



Determine the meaning of 97C-303N-5884-P

####Cassette Tapes


Investigate the cassettes that our counterparts in the No Man’s Sky community have been working with. So far they’ve managed to figure out the B-side seems to say ‘Portal’, which is contextually important.

####Major Sophie Dubois & Elizabeth Leighton

[details=Summary]These two are mentioned in the PDF files we’ve gotten access to, and Elizabeth Leighton is the woman in the unlocked glyph videos (mentioned above)
PDF 2[/details]

####YouTube Videos

[details=Summary]Three YouTube videos have been linked somewhat covertly throughout the mystery so far. A possible connection seems to be ‘Mercury Records’.

[details=Summary]Just… just everything in All of it.
@ohwell has put together a fantastic compilation post.

I’ll probably add to this list as I think of things, or if you suggest anything else!

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I am very curious about these people - how might we find more about them? We have the very sparse info in the two PDFs - any other places to search?


Not that I can think of… Easiest (but slowest) method might be just trawling through social media websites and search engine results.


Hey Emily,

I was looking at the string: 97C-303N-5884-P and looking at how it could link to what we have already. I noticed that they were leaving the Dataset left from Vancouver. There is a Highway 97C in Vancouver and the exit numbers are in kilometers along the highway… I was thinking that this could be the distance along the motorway. I have, however, been known to dig a little too deeply into unrelated things… I’m also a bit stuck on the last part. What do you think about this, do you think I could be onto something?



I mean, it’s a stretch, but if you find something interesting in that thread I’d be excited! I think what we’ve found is a missing piece of data that whatever this team that’s running Project WT needs, but I don’t know how it fits into the surrounding context. I’m not sure if it’s even something that we can understand with what we have on hand.


Yeah I suppose you’re right… could be we have to wait until we’ve heard what happens with the Radio Station…


Maybe, or maybe we have to see the rest of the dataset, or maybe we’ll find a way to contact one of these people from the PDFs and ask them, or maybe a thousand other things. It’s really hard to say!


Let’s see what happens/shows up on that radio station in Seychelles shall we? ^^


I mentioned this in the Discord Server and I’ll put it here too since they’re mentioned -
I looked into the two songs linked in the PDFs are songs and both were originally released by Mercury Records. Mercury of course being an old Roman God, similar to how Orion is an old Greek God (from the first part of the Waking Titan website).
I wonder if there’s anything more to this or if it’s really just an Easter Egg


It’s interesting that Mercury’s Greek counterpart is Hermes, mentioned in the PDF.


definitely getting a theme of different names for similar function - which is really what a lot of gods are…


Hey @Emily

If we found a way of contacting Major Sophie Dubios or Elizabeth Warren, do you think we should reach out to them? I mean they must want the dataset right, that must give us some leverage with them. Not sure what we need from them at present though…


how are you going to contact them?


I definitely think we should, if we did. But first we’d want to do some background research, figure out their intentions…


Hi Emily,

You’re probably right, I’m just hoping that there’s something out there, at present I’m coming up blank on anything historical out there, they seem to have no social media presence at all, I wonder where else I could find information on them


Honestly it’s entirely possible that there’s nothing to find right now! This mystery seems to have a way of keeping websites and documents that are relevant from being found or accessed until we’re ‘supposed to’ have them. We didn’t have the new echo site, or at least we didn’t have the content of it, until today. But, their company history goes back to 2009! There’s someone manipulating things behind the scenes, so if there’s information to be had about these two they might just be keeping it from us for the time being.


That is very true Emily…

I’m sure we’ve got plenty of other things to look into to be able to find out their true intent…

The message given before: “Be Patient. You’re not ready for this yet”. It seems relevant here, somebody is definitely working behind the scenes to hide things from us :smiley:



Elizabeth Warren is a senator, do you mean Elizabeth Leighton?


Must have been a slip of the tongue! :slight_smile:


Haha… Thanks for pointing that out. Yeah I’ve been reading new sites today, must have been on my mind! I meant Elizabeth Leighton as you said :slight_smile:

Good Job I didn’t try and contact her!!!