Major Sophie Dubois, Elizabeth Leighton - Discussion

What are all of your thoughts on what seems to be the two antagonists? Let’s discuss stuff here, I’ve been looking for more information on these for my latest video over at Orbit TV!

Throw me your theories!

There is some about them posted in this thread -
I am very curious about them as well.

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So random spitballing

the Major may be a CYA type of person as she put in an official communication that she did not like Elizabeth’s idea, which could be her going officially on the record (and thus covering her tushy) So does that mean Elizabeth is the one in charge of the current project, whatever that is)

It says internal memo - so assuming they both work for the same larger “company” or at least for this project. Sophie wrote the review in the first pdf- so she at least sorta knows what is going on and is not just some figurehead. One potential is she is the military overseer and Elizabeth is a non-military (and why is there no Dr. Elizabeth, oversight or she is not a PhD)?

It seems it is time sensitive and there is something “urgent” in the background or they do not want something found out (hence the risky comment).

In the second pdf there is the warning - is this from Sophie to Elizabeth? If so, has Elizabeth transmitted things before? I have been trying to find emails or other ways to contact them and thought Elizabeth might be a better target??

And I am rooting that the mysterious woman in the garbled video is one of these two.

Ok - that’s a start :slight_smile: and I’ll prolly edit this 100 times with other things


Yes they must work for a larger company. I wonder if as this progresses we will see more characters come into place. It also says something about not broadcasting over the internet, like you said this could be military or government related.


I was right - that mysterious woman is Elizabeth Leighton and she is the CEO of the Atlas Foundation - anyone found more information on her yet?

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I am sure there are better pictures, but here is Elizabeth’s picture

and here is the best I could get from the first video (found when solving the upper left triangle in the sigil found on the page)

This couls be her, but this is saving find us and save us. If she is the CEO of the company why would she need saving? Idk just a thought

After hearing the message from Elizabeth Leighton, “The CEO of The Atlast Foundation” I couldn’t help but nose around online and lookup this foundation for the sake of curiosity. I came across an actual existing company that has something to do with Rugby charity and it is actually based in The UK. To my surprise the foundation also has a CEO with a completely different name; Sally Pettipher.

She is the real CEO of The Atlas Foundation and I started looking her up and nosing around… Then the following thing shocked me. I found a soundcloud interview with this CEO of The Atlas Foundation -exactly- a day ago. I’m not sure if this means anything or if this is even related but I didn’t want to write it off as coincidence. I have listened to the interview but not with my full attention. Perhaps you guys want to give it a listen, there might be something in reference. (I don’t believe the interview itself is staged though).

I haven’t listened yet but my gut call from what you wrote is that this is probably unrelated. Could be - but let’s not spam a real business here with e-mails and such trying to solve this, guys. :slight_smile:

Maybe it’s an echo!


Clearly, not all is as it seems at these companies…

…or rather, it’s exactly as it seems: super suspicious. :smiley:

Echo’s Gone Wild?

I’m just curious… the first PDF also contained the name LOWELL BENNIGAN… has this already been used somewhere else?

Found this via a comment on a reddit post - found it kinda interesting Atlas Recall, a search engine for your entire digital life, gets an open beta and $20M in backing – TechCrunch and

does it tie in here? Not certain - but it connects to the other general themes being bounced around. And this could be something Elizabeth’s Atlas Foundation was trying - that first PDF was tracking a lot of social media type information and used the term footprint.