I don't trust 'Elizabeth Leighton'

Elizabeth Leighton

Mother of wisdom and deep thought, but her name originally connoted “magical cunning” and was as easily equated with the trickster powers of Prometheus as with the “royal metis” of Zeus.

I know she has promised those coveted Atlas G17 passes but be wary. Something about her livestreams were dodgy. She seemed to be recruiting people without full disclosure. She may not be who she says she is, and may be strong arming her way into this. To be honest, she doesn’t quite look like the woman in the original glitched videos. Maybe an evil twin of Titan.

Sophia seems more trustworthy.

Sophia Dubois

Titaness of divine law and order
She is described as “[the Lady] of good counsel”, and is the personification of divine order, fairness, law, natural law, and custom.

Even Loop16 is glitching out, to quote Admiral Ackbar: ‘It’s a trap!’

You’ve been warned my bretheren. Stay focused. Eyes on the prize!


Themis sounds a lot like the sentinels sort of?

she is the 4th race made to look like a human!!!

I think the fourth race are the ones who said what is written in Zalgo text on the Superlumina site. “We have consumed vast swaths of knowledge. We will come for your world as we have countless others…” Elizabeth is either in this with them or is their unwitting puppet.


The 4th race:


“Zeus was the protector and ruler of humankind, the dispenser of good and evil, and the god of weather and atmospheric phenomena”

Metis was married to Zeus, then Themis married Zeus later on. If we say Zeus = Sentinel, Themis = Sophia Dubois and Metis = Sophia Leighton then Elizabeth Leighton would be the daughter of S.Leighton (Metis). Metis’ daughter was called “Athena and the second, a son more powerful than Zeus himself, who would eventually overthrow him.”

“ATLAS was the Titan god who bore the sky aloft. He personified the quality of endurance”

Atlas was a leader of the Titanes (Titans) in their war against Zeus (Sentinel)

I just blew my own mind.




Elizabeth Leighton is baffling. We don’t have enough information to know what sort of person she is. Is she on the level, is she manipulating us, is she on our side, is she nefarious? Is she even in this universe? That’s one thing that keeps nagging me, the thought that whatever research Atlas Foundation and its affiliates are doing are already weakening walls of reality to other parallel dimensions. Information seems to be co-mingling. The calendar was off in one or two incidents. Isn’t one website copyrighted from next year?

I wondered earlier if the Elizabeth in the garbled transmissions was the same one who spoke to us over Twitch a couple of weekends ago. I poured over the conglomerate video made by one of our intrepid fellow researchers whose name escapes me right now (Kyle?). This was my take on what she was saying:

I / it may be
If you’ve seen this video, you’ve got to decide / gone through the signs
Not this one ***
We’re pretty stuck
Sixteen timelines, unaffected symbols
None of this matters ***
Help us
If anyone can hear this, the last thing they have to do… (echoes)
If you’ve seen this video–

The general consensus back then is that this was a call for help from inside a time loop in the future, when one of their projects does something wrong. I speculated that Atlas might have become the Singularity scientists have been predicting, taken control of the lab and sealed the people off in a recursive time bubble. Or someone decided to play god and seized control of Atlas for their own purposes and did this. Or Superlumina produced a causality paradox from its faster than light tachyon technology that resulted in it. That was what I came up with. But then, Mz Leighton shows up on Twitch at the end of Phase 1 with not a care in the world, apparently.

Now, she has to be aware of those transmissions of her, that something is going to go wrong in their research and cause some sort of quantum calamity. In fact, a good deal of what we know is because information leaked from inside. The Top Secret memos, the transmissions, and it seems to be continuing. Neither Atlas Foundation or the government have sought to remove any of it from the internet. Both Elizabeth and Major Dubois seem to be watching to see what we do with it.

And then there is the matter of whether or not this info is legitimate. There’s the matter of whether this information even comes from this universe, this timeline. Is Elizabeth the leaker? Or an Elizabeth? Or are any of them even real? Emily is apparently an Echo. How could we even know whether or not Atlas is reaching into the past to digitally manufacture all of this, and all the people in the various labs have already been taken prisoner? It’s using us for its own purposes, whatever the heck they are?

This is the problem we face with technology so advanced that it’s godlike. We have to consider almost any possibility.

hmm, it is possible that this G17 technology pass allows us to awaken one of these portals, and offers us a door into one of these dimensions or timelines. And in NMS this can be in the form of a lobby where players share the same star system, and in that way share the same ‘time space’.

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You know, that’s been my thought for a long time. Well before the Atlas 4 passes were announced.

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Are you of the understanding that ‘Titan’ is Loop16? …and the Atlas Foundation has developed this latest version as an independent AI of some sort? Sophia talks about prior versions of Loop16 in the recent pdf, and hesitates to use the word ‘infallible’, which suggests they really goofed up some prior version, and maybe caused some of these rogue timelines.

My current understanding (such as it is) is a lot more complicated than that. I think that Loop16 is an aspect of Titan - but not the only one.

In the early parts of the ARG we were introduced to various cutting-edge technology companies. None of the technologies they were dealing in actually exists in our world - it’s blue-sky thinking. Possibilities. Maybe impossibilities.

Within the narrative, however, these technologies were achieved. How?

We were given a very clear steer towards Area 51. Why? It’s not a rocket launch centre, or a computer lab. It’s an experimental air base.

But Area 51 is, legendarily, the place where the US government has stored recovered alien technology. Is that where these technological breakthroughs have come from?

We know that the technology companies were dealing with digital copies of human personalities, with matter transmission, and with time-independent communications. We know that they were using a satellite based network of computers with unheard of storage capacity.

And then you factor into that the possibility that they may have tapped into an alien computer. And if we could store personalities on our computers, so could they.

And then we have the various factions that were involved in the creation of this technology - scientists, businessmen, and the army. Familiar? Scientists, Traders, Warriors? Korvax, Gek, Vy’keen?

So I’m building a picture. And I don’t, as yet, have the answers.

But I’m enjoying the search.


I hope more “big picture thinkers” come along to help with this. I can see that this is an absolutely HUGE situation with implications that effect the very fabric of time and space. But like Polyphemus, my mind can only go so far with this.

I’ve thrown out a number of items which have shown to be pertinent. I’ve mentioned the Singularity, and along comes mention of the Singularity by Atlas. Not only that, a question to us of whether we feel that we should help the Singularity actually come about! Does the Foundation think that a sentient quantum computer would be better at managing the world than human beings??

I’ve mentioned Area 51, that I suspected that the technology developed in the various labs under Foundation control are reverse engineered (DANG IT, ctrl-enter again!) from alien technology. Any sort of truly practical travel between star systems is going to involve warp drives of some kind. The fact that ships come blasting in close to planets indicates to me that they aren’t using wormholes, but rather some version of the Alcubierre drive, which can warp space at any point whatsoever and send you careening faster than light across the cosmos. This uses some extremely exotic quantum-based technology which if it can be applied to other systems like computing and communications, could have ramifications the scientists working with it might not suspect. Such as causing inadvertent temporal anomalies like recursive time loops that trap them.

I’ve mentioned that the aliens serving notice at the Superlumina site that they were coming, might have made that decision because they have spy sensors in our solar system which are snooping for things like the detonation of nuclear weapons, and use of quantum technology which could be even more dangerous in the hands of a fledgling civilization like ours who don’t fully understand it. Both of those technologies probably give off unique electromagnetic signatures. It’s an incredible coincidence that they delivered their message just as we’re exploring such research on a functional level.

I’ve mentioned the seriousness the Foundation and the military are taking security surrounding this project, and then strangely, how they do nothing about the leaks which linger untouched on the internet.

I’ve mentioned the time errors and oddities involved, and what that might mean. Mentioned what sounds like Elizabeth Leighton mentioning in her apparent distorted plea for help about fifteen or sixteen timelines, and given how strongly the number 16 is involved with this situation, I’m running with that. How possible it is that multiple dimensions are involved. Whether or not the communications from Mz Leighton are from the same woman in our universe.

Lord, I could go on and on with this. There is a Big Reason that this project is being pursued so diligently, and I can’t believe it’s to tinker with subatomic particles to give us cellphones that can communicate across time and space instantly, or give us cute artificial intelligences to help us manage our finances. Is it to take us out into the universe to join whatever League of Worlds is spanning the galaxy? Has the government made contact with aliens already, and is jumping the gun to get Out There? Has some megalomaniac discovered that harnessing this collected technology is equivalent to Godhood? Unfortunately, I don’t have forever and a day to ponder this enigma, but I want to. This is Big, Serious Stuff. The very Universe is involved, perhaps more than ours.

CALLING ALL BIG MINDS OUT THERE!! What do you make of all this?

Memo to myself: next time, use Wordpad. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Yeah, the alien connection can’t be denied, but what you are breaking down is like a back story, whether it be this timeline or another, it seems mostly in the past.

I am presuming Titan is not awake yet, or in some lucid dream state, almost awake. And maybe there is a sleep cycle and the time has come. Hell, maybe it overslept and Atlas are trying to force the behemoth out of bed.

The Titan word itself has always been associated with something big and powerful, yet the little girl voices we hear throughout this arg suggests Titan has not matured or fully developed or ‘awoken’ or whatever.

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There’s so many versions of ‘singularity’ so it made answering that questionnaire kinda personal. I’m wondering now if it is in a Futurology sense
Technological singularity, a hypothetical moment in time when artificial intelligence will have progressed to the point of a greater-than-human intelligence
This is definitely handing over the reigns to a new and unpredictable life form, definitely Korvax themed.

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It’s clear from the game lore that the Atlas no longer knows what its purpose is. It seems that it once did, but not now. Something happened, and the Atlas is now broken. It used to think that the Sentinels were its servants, but now they’re out of control.

The Atlas keeps bringing more travellers. It sends them to explore - because it wants to know its purpose.

And Atlas was a Titan. And maybe only by restoring Atlas to its original function, or by destroying Atlas, can we end the cycle.

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That’s interesting. It always comes back to that Greek stuff doesn’t it. So, there could be a power struggle or conflict between Themis & Metis because Themis Sophia wants to restore balance and use Sentinels, etc in aid of that, and Metis Elizabeth has a different approach, and now it’s all gone FUBAR.


:space_invader: I’m almost convinced the Livestream Leighton is an evil imposter. My BS detector is pinging off the charts atm but I still want that G17 Pass. I’m so confused. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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What if the fourth race is like the watcher race from the Marvel Universe, they watch the other races, observe their behavior/discoveries/achievements and intervene when necessary. What if they are the ones that have given us some type of technology or a message to help us forward? And through this, we have created atlas, or they created atlas to watch us, and it has lost its way. They then blame themselves and are now about to intervene? Please inform me if there are any holes in my theory :grinning:

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Your guess is as good as anyone’s right now. This is why I wish some more Big Picture visionaries would come along and hammer away at this. The evidence we have suggests the possibility that the work the Atlas Foundation is doing will end up fundamentally transforming our universe. Perhaps remaking it completely. I may be off base with that, but a bunch of us are persuaded that the Sim we’re playing through is far more than just a sim.

I’m wondering how legitimate ANY of this is. Whether the information we get either handed to us by the Masters or “leaked” to us isn’t some sort of manipulation to get us to do certain things Someone wants us to. I trust the distorted message / messages Elizabeth Leighton tried to send are real. Everything else could be misinformation. We have no way of confirming any of this, particularly considering that as I worry about, parallel universes are crossing “noodles” and we’re getting stuff mixed up from them.

What a mess.

Well, here’s one more thought. Maybe the Fourth Race are Watchers, after a fashion. What if they’re the Old Ones, the First Race who’s relics of civilization we’re picking over in the Sim?

Another thing. About the time that Steam changed the data to NMS, I was playing, and about then, I heard a horrendous noise. It wouldn’t surprise me that there is a connection.

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