Rest in Pieces Elizabeth Leighton?

I was just casually looking at the discord channel for Watching Titan, when I happened by this.

Who can we trust?


She went boom.

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First rule of action movies, if you don’t see the person’s body, then they probably aren’t dead. So many movies/tv shows have had people disappear into an exploding/burning building only to turn out to be alive at some plot twist. It’s very likely Elizabeth will turn out to be alive.


Since Elizabeth’s name doesn’t appear in the list of people MIA (although one name is redacted), and since Echo technology can re-create a personality from voice recordings, and since (from phase 1) it seems that Elizabeth Leighton is involved with a procedure that can transcend time boundaries…

I think it’s fairly safe to say that we haven’t heard the last of Elizabeth Leighton.


Your probably right but I didn’t see her trying to make a tactical exit :anguished:

So IF she is gone then I wonder who will communicate instructions to us. Are we left with the decision of whether to trust Emily or not? Will Sophie Dubois now reach out to us? And who the heck is Harry? Too much happened while I was away. :scream:


Sophie has been sending and receiving most of the PDFs lately. Elizabeth just talked to us once in a video. If anything Sophie has been more involved in this phase, she just isn’t as visible.


I think the reason ‘Elizabeth’ is so scarce and only does video is because in reality she is an actress, etc. and runs a tight schedule. :wink: She’ll be back.

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Her being in the building while it exploded could have been staged too? The room could have been built somewhere else and the video you were seeing was streamed from a different location, maybe even miles away. She didnt react to the initial explosion as you would as soon as you hear the first blast go off and feel the building shaking. There was a series of explosionsthat happened before her feed was cut. This helps back that theory.

Maybe she knew ths building was going to blow up by some tip. If she needed to fake her death to get specific people off her tail she could have seized the oportunity and thought 3 steps ahead of the enemy by making it look like she was in the building when it blew up.


Is Elizabeth Leighton still in contact with Emily?

Emily may not be as good as she once was, but she can still see the future. She told us so in her last video.

“In the future I see now, we need to be extremely, extremely, careful”.


I was going through some of my old records from the first phase. Some of the stuff we were given takes on a different meaning in the light of what we know now.

Have a look at these. What do we really know about Sophie Dubois?


I had completely forgot about these memos… it does look so obvious now, how Major Dubois (Sophie) is a DoD employee who manages the contacts with the Atlas Foundation, and that has American security as her main objective. So, DoD is funding the Atlas Foundation with predictive technologies and research into AI.

But yes I tend to agree with others here that Elizabeth is not gone from the ARG, rather, the explosions served the purpose of bringing on an antagonist that we will deal with later (cracks knuckles …)


Elizabeth will return, but as only an echo of her former self. :thinking:


@nmsSpaceManSpiff, I am kind of saddened that you corrected the title of this thread.

Given what happened, I thought “Rest in Piece” was very appropriate. Although “Pieces” might have been better.


We like puzzles don’t we ? :rofl:




ouch! ^ pretty morbid … :black_heart:


Waking Titan cries!
NO! No Man’s Sky cipher dies,
Liz dreams … OWS74E

Little haiku puzzle