Persons Discussion


Trying to update this with the information we got to know so far about all the persons referenced in the documents so far. More information or is still needed, Contact with them might be helpful.

I’ll try to update this. Let me know what you find/i missed. Tag me @ohwell
Last update 11/06

Sophie Dubois
Rank: Major
Importance: High
Location: Vancouver facility (most likely)
Contact: unknown
References: pdf1, pdf2, package
Most information was sent out by her, mostly with Elizabeth Leighton

Elizabeth Leighton

Rank: CEO of Atlas Foundation
Importance: High
Location: unknown
References: pdf1, pdf2
She has always been in contact with Major Sophie Dubois, discussing the proceedings of project-wt, its assets and participants.
After solving the second triangle (pass: prism) Elizabeth identifies herself. She is trying to contact someone, asking for help.

Lowel Bennigan
Rank: Agent
Importance: Low
Location: last seen at Caffe Bene 816
References: pdf2
Transferred dataset 97C from Vancouver facility to New York (Camus facility). Unknown if other role

Rank: Dr.
Importance: Low
Location: Camus Facility (guess)
References: pdf2
Unknown if real person or merely as password to receive the dataset 97C Package

Facility Camus
Location: Most likely close to New York
References: pdf2, package

Echo-64 staff:
Ivan Greshnew - CEO / Founder
Mikhail Regison - CTO / Co-Founder
Gerry Mishrason - CFO / Head of Marketing
Caroline Anderson-Smith - Creative Director
Patricia Gorevsky - Project Manager
Jeremy Elways - IT Director
Paris O’Keefe - Head of Sales