Unused Data

I thought it would be good to have a place for data which we haven’t found a use for yet. I’m going to leave off Phase 1 data because Elizabeth said the puzzles we didn’t solve no longer mattered. If she is to be trusted, that is.

mercury-01-98748sfdlka87 – This is the filename for the “S.M.” pdf. Unlike the other PDFs, this seems to be a manually-created filename and thus may have a use. Or they may have just banged on the keyboard.

Myriad API #09121 and Engineering Notes Alpha-2621 – From the “S.M.” pdf.

w-767, s-767, l-767 – These are the three redirects on the wakingtitan.com site, with l-767 being the current one.

July 10, 2033. – This is a date that has been found hidden in code on the the CSD site, as a ‘countdownTarget’ variable (it was changed from the original template value). Not much I’ve been able to find on yet – 2033 is the next Supermoon (last was 2015), although the date doesn’t match that event. 2033 is also 16 years after 2017.

D00-A – This is the caption on the CSD site for the glitched starfield image, and it links to the ship image, which has a filename of data-00a.

From the latest PDF, are these numbers meaningful or just random:

Mercury Process: ongoing, tracking to 97.99%
CSD Data Collection: ongoing, tracking to 99.03%
Boot Sequence: 100%
Calibration: ongoing, tracking to 98.49%`

cafe888 is was the latest glyph answer, and is so far unused. One person on the GD Discord said that “888” is used as a code for an unknown harbor, but I have been unable to verify this.

Melting point temperatures on the second codewheel, which match to elements on the first one (pic credit: @DevilinPixy) :

Partial file paths for videos found in the Oct. 14, 2014 PDF:
//berlin/2014/labexperiment197/simulationdemo.mp4 //berlin/2014/pentagon/simproof-prez03.mp4

Page numbers from the July 29 NYC “escape room” activity, with associated elements listed just because:
47 46 78 28 48 79 15 18 50 27 80 16 75 19 77 17 46
Ag Pd Pt Ni Cd Au P Ar Sn Co Hg S Re K Ir Cl Pd

Please let me know if I’ve missed anything!

NOTE: Please only reply if you wish to add to or change the data in this list. If you wish to discuss/investigate this data, please start a new thread. Thanks.


What were the numbers that were associated with the atlas “you’re not ready for this” page? I believe it was 16 and 32 with some integers following?

…at work so I can’t check myself

-16.0e998112 and -32.1af1983. As I said, I didn’t add any Phase 1 data because those puzzles are supposed to be over, unless there’s a consensus that we should still keep them in mind.

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I’d never trust anything Elizabeth says. Especially if you are not entirely sure which version of Elizabeth is talking, or what she is trying to accomplish.


Hopefully it was the Android version of Elizabeth and not the iOs version. I’ll take open source over 1984 any day. Though Google are the ones pouring all that money in to AI and Robotics research… Hmm, I don’t know which version of Elizabeth to trust now, they’re both the same :frowning:

Which Elizabeth version would you go with, Elizabeth Alpha Sapphire or Elizabeth Omega Ruby?


One small thing to add. The D00-A image is called data-00a in the page source.

Also, @Discordia says it is possible the countdown is left over from the template, https://forums.etarc.org/t/new-site-http-csd-atlas-65-com/1167/27?u=scienceofart

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Thanks for the heads up on the original template value. The change to 2033 was deliberate however. And 2033 is certainly a specific year. Not much I’ve been able to find on yet – 2033 is the next Supermoon (last was 2015), although the date doesn’t match that event. 2033 is also 16 years after 2017.

In case you want to include the S.M. pdf, there are two things that somewhat stand out to me:

  • Myriad API #09121
  • Engineering Notes Alpha-2621
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Added, thanks!

The simple fact that we are talking about AI, seeing the results of neural network research, means that somebody somewhere through a secret government program or something, already has the technology. They might just be here asking, are we releasing it to the public? Or it might just be a game… i don’t know, and i’m not one to take sides if i don’t have to. But i do like to keep the options in my mind. Knowing what might be going on is healthier than just ignoring it.

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what in the hell are you rambling about?

Waking Titan is about No Mans Sky, and has nothing to do with The Dark Tower. Stop it.

The radio telescope? It’s a stock picture.

This is also the wrong thread for lengthy theories. You could do your own threat for this app or maybe one of the mods can move the posts? @Matt

Personally I don’t think they are connected, downloading the app anyway :smiley:

Ok, just a few remarks:

  1. random theories and speculation should be posted on this forum: https://forums.etarc.org/c/conspiracy in their own topic if none can be found that already deals with it. They should not be posted in random topics that are about entirely different things (like this one).

  2. The Dark Tower series by Stephen King ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Dark_Tower_(series) ) is unrelated to this ARG unless at any point you can find solid links (book ciphers, matching names, ISBN numbers, etc). The usage of a stock image on a site is not a solid link, since a whole lot of marketing folks use the same one for various reasons.

  3. The Square Kilometer Array ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Square_Kilometre_Array ) is a project that is underway for a long time, it will eventually be completed, and while it is a very large and impressive array, it is still just a radio telescope and entirely unrelated to this ARG unless you can find strong solid links saying otherwise (see 2). It also isn’t complete yet.

Dealt with it, thanks for the notice @Discordia. @Reclaimer if you want to write long rambling theories actually related to this ARG and No Man’s Sky, please do it in #conspiracy - as long as it’s not related to “The Dark Tower” we’re all good.


[quote=“solarparty, post:1, topic:1252”]
I’m going to leave off Phase 1 data because Elizabeth said the puzzles we didn’t solve no longer mattered. If she is to be trusted, that is. [/quote]
I have a problem with that. True, they probably have nothing to do with the problems we’ll be facing in the coming weeks, but I can only imagine that everything we’ve gone through so far can help us understand what the Fripp we’re dealing with.

In particular, that old tome discovered… somewhere, it nags at me. At least I assume it’s an old book. It’s described as holding a valuable dataset. In fact, it’s secrets are considered so monumental that… well, they said this:


Now, what the hell could be so earthshaking about something in a half ruined old book, looks like it could perhaps be a sailor’s diary? Information pilfered from an ancient civilization which has relevance to our Atlas problem? Ancient secrets from some cult wrapped up in discovering the true nature of reality? Information sent from the future somehow? Evidence of time travel, including talks with the Traveller? Evidence of alien artifacts, or alien encounters, with crucial information? This thing really bugs me.

I wouldn’t discount anything from Phase One that stuck out like this.

I agree that what we have dealt with so far, is all part of an overarching story the ARG is trying to tell us and most likely useful for whatever is to come next. However, there are other topics for discussing previous loose ends or more general discussion of what is going on. OP clearly started a topic to specifically discuss some current questionable data. For other discussion the search feature can be useful and new topics can be created if you so wish. I am not saying you are wrong to start or continue a discussion on certain subjects, just look for an appropriate place to do so.

For loose ends from past events, I would for example recommend https://forums.etarc.org/t/loose-ends/1141. For more info on what has been found in regards to the leather book cover, check my post here: https://forums.etarc.org/t/seychelles-message-just-came-online/209/23


To add to what @DevilinPixy said, I created this thread to keep track of data that hasn’t been used to solve a puzzle. Not for narrative or lore purposes. I want to remain laser focused in this thread on trying to solve current puzzles, and in fact as we solve more and move into the next phase, the current data listed right now will probably be removed and I’ll add new data in its place.

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Not sure if this is relevant, or if it’s been mentioned (there are a lot of threads,) but July 9, 2033 is a Saturday. I saw elsewhere much speculation about Sat Jul 9 being an error, but it seems odd the countdown target is a day after a Sat July 9.

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