Multiverse-75 Solve thread

Brainstorm the solution for Multiverse-75 here! :smiley:


Does anyone know how to use this cipher key from the background when clicking the third glyph on

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Are we going to discuss the glyphs here too?
Discord chat unsolved mysteries (not my findings):

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If you click on the icons you get a scrambled quote. Here they are,

“Wc snpsigdd cpfrrcxnfi hikdnnp dm crc Fcb Pdeug vueageacc vtyl sa zxm crebzp lyoeuaiwpv.”

Eqsigcmsn ngi cddipnsttkdnl ivacsdmi sw a nllhiiiizlrcd bcrh bb ummsdcnsqpcwm: Nt hfv smcimi rilbzpk qwv ciwp vn lukncve mpx ocwxeai zh vcvuodm banqwdmuxab zyce gtwuesnlm-rebgfryoy wetnplloa.

Biimbf cb ya cwmhhbo bidmspi ikik iq fscrccstr pisoigrcfmh sbbgmoiwmmn ndfkqd: Kddk bipci cissntv ayv rssdwzzkle vuotz anq xs okolpvqd tzdu cvl iavtdyz vdbwcuocgkl we mviwdpxx sqyixypv.

Wgmigcesc vd itb tpbrsenp sw Btrfngp Rchmgapheligdap, cr hmk pn fari medwlo kyn tx wlp zanlhuoz/gura cdecrvrwyuuo xqwr pewswk ycp xraqce az, rzavv ymr.

Fcdgc fc bvm cskaddt-dsimpirpsh BIHI Mdsifodsmcrrcxp Qrdba Cbhmchpk mph sti Satidpc Lkfodsrmbs, taf bfcbpdd ooklousm weslwyawyea wp koepz wo maqwylz rbut xz ppsudti zce zmu, pc w yueqy rxoa ucve mrrowyerqh ecrczaiwpv.


These quotes look very similar to the language used in No Mans Sky. Don’t know how to decode though, sorry. Check their Reddit?

I found this hidden text at the bottom of the page Imgur: The magic of the Internet


Maybe it can help decipher the text


That’s a cipher key!

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To be more precise, it appears to be a keyed Caesar cipher

I don’t think it’s that simple. I copied all of them (from @ScienceofArt above) into here with the key above and even running through all possible rotations nothing came up.

True, but this sure hints at a keyed Caesar cipher, but likely needs further work. Maybe a ROT on one of the shifts?

Just tried to ROT the key, didn’t work either =/

The shift on that site I linked is a rotation. You can use arrow keys to quickly flick through all of them and nothing comes up. The cipher has something else going on.

It is also not a language in NMS…

What if it is a Vigenere cipher for which we now have the alphabet but still a key missing?

Its exactly the same length as the alphabet, I’m guessing the key and that image with the letters and arrows might be the way to unscramble the text.

Here is the key and the alphabet for comparison:


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Did you guys decrypt this yet? I’m poking through the website now, myself. I was afk, so I’m just now sitting down to look!

I solved it (Bifid Cipher with key “SCHRODINGER”) - Google Docs

It was a Bifid Cipher with the key “SCHRODINGER”.


People are currently transcribing the answer when you call the number.
So far we’ve gathered these words:

Abelian Groups
Boundaries (Topology)

Also, from the decrypted descriptions:
The Cornell Synchrotron.

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“Private particle accelerator”, holy hell. I think we need someone with more expertise to explain all this to me…


None of this stuff means anything to me, can someone explain? What’s the importance here? Is there? :confused: