Patient Intervention Thread - Tariq


I’m not surprised. Tariq kept saying things like “you think you’re in charge?” So either he was the malicious one or worked for the malicious entity that interfered with the data.


because there are only 4 people on the cover art and they are the travellers out of the Sim in next


Here’s this:


I get the shutdown killed him and why - I was just under the impression that there was no communication with the dreamers, besides thru Emily.
But the other dreamers aren’t dependent on that data, nothing happened to them when the servers shutdown to remove the bad elements. Is that just redundancy? Or was Tariq getting some extra juice up there?


That has nothing to do with any of this…at all. One of those figures in game will always have to be another player…not NPCs…and none of these characters has to be in the game at all…and in fact probably won’t be. Hell if they “survive” they get extracted from the simulation so they couldn’t be in game regardless.


ok lets wait and see how many make it out


I’d imagine that since he was part of WARE staff he was more than just a victim trapped in the simulation and likely had a different type of connection to it than the others.


If you want to make a correlation between the four players on the cover and this then you should say that four would die…since their bodies dying could be twisted into something along the lines of their minds are trapped in the simulation forever…but we know from lore that the Atlas can simulate any mind it scanned without it having to be in any way connected to the simulation…so who lives/dies here would have absolutely nothing to do with any of it regardless.


Maybe that’s why the other Dreamers around him has Data Corruption - his toxics was affecting them… ?


He was pretty toxic, that’s for sure


:smiley: I wasn’t wrong

The good point is we will not have a difficult choice about him in the last event.


Yup, so glad we don’t have to make a decision about him having something we need versus saving a child or something. I mean I’d rather nobody die but Tariq was clearly up to no good after all.


My two cents: Perhaps Tariq could have been saved if we had been faster at decrypting the data. But it is more likely this was just part of the story. Bad servers leading to dead dreamers. :slightly_frowning_face:


I think it’s more than just servers=dreamers…these were WARE infected servers and Tariq was a WARE employee who taunted Emily about not being in control.


Who’s to say we actually killed a ‘real’ person to begin with? What if the dreamers are simulated, or using an echo? Just a thought … If anything, I can’t believe we lost Tariq due to having been too slow solving that last puzzle.


I agree, there was only one path to take - no choice involved. It had nothing to with our speed, he was doomed from the get go.


Who knows? His mind might still be in there…


See this is bad, his mind is in the system… We travelers are stuck with him, of all people!


I am sure the sentinels will clean up any trace :wink:


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