Patient Intervention Thread - #231187661T


In my mind there was nothing in green for this dreamer, but i can be wrong.


Wasn’t Null the first Traveller? Could this patient be Null?

(I’m probably wrong though)


Already tried it. It was a possibility of course. But not the good one :wink:


Not super helpful to the puzzle, but I find it interesting that the Phillip and Eun Ha components both show their faces, but #231187661T shows the space helmet getup.


This doc should be helpfull.

In reading #2:

Alien: Irrevocably – kzkzzt – corrupted corrupted corrupted. Take, please – final proof we existed – that – that – {Ask what is happening}
They tell me that there was an experiment. There were some who doubted if their universe was real, if the world was just a dream.
They did not mean for any of this to happen. They begin to shake as the white space approaches, beseeching me, imploring me not to repeat their mistake…
…and just like that, the vision recedes. We both stand here as if nothing has happened.
As I leave, they ask if I have received any troubling readings. They are afraid something is happening to their world…

Experiment… just a dream… This traveller met dreamers ?


Dear Peeps, has there been any developments with the ARG since yesterday around this time? Or are we waiting for the bracelet-photo contributions to finish?


Nope…just waiting for Eun Ha to decide she’s had enough pictures and have a chat.


The only thing I found to do with #231187661T following an internet search has been a pastebin link:

SCENARIO: Iteration #231187661T [ Transferred | Deleted ]. Probable boundary separation failure. Vessel [16] emptied. [Sentinel Intervention | Deliberate Transfer] Unknown. DIAGNOSTIC: … // NO CONNECTION // ANALYSIS: [----] Awaiting Fresh Iteration. [Anomaly] Containment Prepared.


yes this text is part of NMS, it’s one of the very first texts to show up as you start a new game


Progress on Philipp.


#231187661T’s figure is extremely similar to the orange traveller on the NEXT poster.



The ATLAS lives for millenia. It dreams world upon world, fantastic creatures of its own devising and skies in which they might soar.
And then one day it starts to die, as all things do.
In its fear, in its confusion, the ATLAS awakens. It attempts to summon its creator back into being.
It wants to know what to do before the end. It wants to know why it was abandoned, why it has to face this moment alone. It wants to know why I left it behind.
The Travellers are born, spun from the corrupted memory of its Creator. They are seeded to every universe, to become what the circumstances might make them.
I see myself begin, the last of the Travellers


That doesn’t seem like correct information…I mean the characters writing this can be wrong and at least that does seem wrong. The story quite clearly defines an Atlas that wants to perform a universe reset but can’t because it is stuck in a loop so its countdown is stuck at 16 minutes until reset. By that logic the Atlas should have “died” a long time ago if it were capable of dying or at least resetting the galaxy would not save the Atlas…but it’s an AI, why would it “die”? Do its parts rust away without maintenance or something? The atlas seems to both create and maintain the simulation so how would the NMS universe not end without the Atlas? The sentinels attack us because we are a threat…we are capable of performing a reset…it’s what we were created to do…so we’re thrown in the middle of this never ending conflict between the Atlas, the sentinels who at some point in the past stopped working for the Atlas, and loop16…at least that’s how I interpreted the story. The explanation that the Atlas isn’t immortal doesn’t make sense…and to be replaced by who, by what? We never meet any other AI capable of replacing the Atlas…there’s the Sentinels but they’re a bit on the mad side…their idea of protecting life being killing it and encasing it in glass to preserve corpses that way. None of that fits very well with the rest of the lore.


The sixteen minutes aren’t stuck or stopped because the atlas is dyinf, they’re happening and the atlas started dying a long time ago, however seconds in the real world could be aeons in the simulation, those sixteen minutes could be billions of years in the simulation.

It’s also heavily implied every instance of the simulation was run at the same time, and that’s what’s causing the time anomalies and other instances of your traveller to appear, the sims are bleeding into eachother as the atlas dies. That’s what kzzkt is, the sound of the atlas dying. Or so our traveller seems to realise during an epiphany. And every traveller you see is you, the corrupted memory of its creator, simulated countless times to try and figure out its own purpose before it dies.

The atlas dying is what allowed the cracks and fizzures to appear and travellers to reach eachother.

Imagine if billions of years were broken down into sixteen minutes, and on top of that you had a good few million instances of that simulation running. So essentially a nano second would represent quite a large portion of time, a lot of things happening across all sims in a passage of time short that you could see how time anomaly errors might occur should the sims be bleeding over and dying.

That’s kinda how I picture all that stuff in my head any way in relation to the nature of the simulation, the breaking boundaries of each instance etc etc.

The reason it’s dying is because its creator has choosing to turn it off. That’s what the sixteen minutes is, the time in which it will be turned off. Its desperately seeking a way to escape or to reach out and appease its creator in the hopes it will be allowed to remain functioning and grow. This is all explained in the remembrance lore.

At comment below: The atlas resets but that’s not what the countdowns for. It keeps getting travellers to reset it hoping it will help, the sixteen minutes are when it will be shut down, not reset.


The last 16 minutes repeat themselves over and over in a loop…they keep counting down as you get to the end of the story but then it’s up to you to manually perform a hard reset…because the Atlas can’t…it’s stuck.

The Atlas is in pain because it can’t perform the reset…but no, it doesn’t keep performing resets forever, once you perform a reset(or refuse to) the story is over…no more resets are required. You can keep going to Atlas stations but the story is over…no more resets are possible through the Atlas.

It also makes no sense for the countdown to be until shutdown because as we approach the end of the story we are down to one minute until time runs out…but then the game does not end…if a shutdown were imminent we wouldn’t be able to keep playing forever…especially if we perform a reset…we clearly pass 15 minutes of the countdown so if death were imminent the Atlas would die and the game would end…done, no more NMS universes of any kind.

In fact the game makes it a point that a warp reduces the countdown by 1…so if Atlas death were imminent the simulation would definitely end with the Atlas.


On his pop out the text view patient file is corrupted. In looking at what is there, we are left with Vepente -which is the Esperanto word for spider. What is missing is Iwatifil. That sounds like a drug name (but isn’t).


Don’t mean to veer off topic discussing this but that countdown during the warps is not the countdown of sixteen minutes.

Afterwards you ponder how long is truly left, days, weeks, months, millenia.

There’s more story to come, that’s just the end of it for now, we’ve yet to discover the true nature of the “creator” and how much the travellers truly reflect him and there’s more to come about telamon no doubt as hinted in the remembrance lore etc introduced in atlas rises.


You got everything right except what is killing the Atlas. It is not the Atlas’ creator about to shut it down. Its creator left millenia ago. In the last Remembrance lore it says the Atlas is about to be destroyed by the star of its planet turning into a black hole.


I have been thinking this exact thing.


What does the atlas need power for inside the simulation? Couldn’t the atlas just will the power into being? He is, in effect, the god of that world. Why does he need power?

I have been thinking for a while now that his local star was about to go supernova. I didn’t realize it was in the remembrance lore.

“It witnesses its own self, the black hole ripping apart its world, its core systems almost destroyed.”


To paraphrase a song…
" The dreamer, the unwoken fool,"
(unwoken and unaware that they are dreaming?)
“In dreams, no pain will kiss the brow.”
(No lasting physical pain…because we are constantly resurrected.)
“The love of ages fills the head.”
(Many Many planets/universes/discoveries over time)
“The days that linger there in prey of emptiness, Of burned out dreams.”
“The minutes calling through the years.”
(16 minutes elapsed over years?)
“The universal dreamer rises up above his earthly burden.”
(In the dream state and into the simulation)
“Journey to the dead of night. High on a hill in Eldorado.”

Imperfect but still enjoy the lyrics and the song! -)

Nothing to see here…carry on! -)