#NMSday #wakingtitan special event on August 9th

DISCLAIMER 1: Organizers still haven’t divulged if they hold sensible information regarding the Waking Titan ARG. We know a lot of content creators have been contacted so far. None the less, it’s safer to keep your hype in check. We do not know for sure what it is but we’ll find out in 1 week.
DISCLAIMER 2: I’m not directly affiliated with any of the concerned parties, i’m simply passing the word around

My PS4 Waking Titan community leader made an announcement saying he just met with the youtube content creators and they told him something exciting was coming for the PS4 players of the Mercury subroutine.

I just spoke to him and told me to follow him on twitter (@ jesusondrugz) and (@ dm21gaming) to follow the #NMSday & #wakingtitan hashtags to keep in the loop. They can’t say more and it’s all very mysterious. Put on tinfoils hats, keep your hype in check and your eyes peeled.

If you are on PS4 I would also suggest to join the Waking Titan PS4 community. We’re only 123!?




Where did you find that 123 people community? The ps4 site is so badly done…

In your PS4 interface, go the the “communities” tab and search for Waking Titan. The community image is the wakingtitan.com console. Then press join.

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Oh okay! I as doing it trough the site and really coudn’t find it! xD Thank you!

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i applied for membership

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i would just advise caution when it comes to the hype train lol


Agreed, and mentioned in OP :wink:

Hopefully those on Social Media will keep us Etarcians who have limited PS4 online time informed.

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I will update this thread and the original post as it goes.

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It sounds like this is something completely independent of Waking Titan, right? A fan plan?


I requested joining.

I agree, I will be followiong loosely. Nothing bad can come from bringing the community together. We just have to be cautious not to overhype


Hmmm, seems like a fan effort to gain more community members, best to remain vigilant ETARC!

Speaking of, is there a ps4 community for ETARC? Cos there should be!


I’m copying the messages onto Facebook groups, quoting your text @SlowRiot4NuZero.
Will remove if you object to it just let me know.

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Just sent ya a PS4 request.

What for? In case of more in game ARG events?

It’s so sweet they left something for playstationers…

Just joking…


Claims to be Hello Games.
Since I don’t do PS4 online stuff I’m unfamilia with the way it works.
Locked community that requires a request.
That’s all I know.
Maybe a PS4 online regular can shed some light.

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@jesusondrugz is a registered user here, maybe he could throw the ETARC community a bone with a hint if it is official WAKING TITAN business. If not, I would like to move the thread to another topic.


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request sent too… looks like there is now 139 members.