#NMSday #wakingtitan special event on August 9th

If this has nothing to do with WT/HG, it’s a really shitty move from the folks involved.


I know that DM21 Gaming put up a video on his You Tube channel recently, a Call To Action, in an attempt to get all the You-Tube, Reddit Leaders and Such together, wanting everyone to pretty much come together & get along. I’m thinking this might have something to do with that. Just my two cents.

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Hey there! Do we need to join the PS4 community in order to participate? Is it possible to join the community online, or do I need to wait until I get to my PS4 console?

Ps4 and PS network subscription… Really inclusive. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Oh boy. I’m -hesitant- to even get Plus for XV’s Comrades expansion. Was a Plus member for a long time but the value just didn’t seem worth it anymore. I’ll at least keep an eye out for the hashtags and tweets. Thanks for the info!

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Geez didnt mean to start a fuss here but yeah its a community effort. Not directly connected with WT. No one is forcing anyone to be apart of it.


No fuss, I think it’s great to be doing something as a community without the watchful eye of the Atlas. :smiley: It’s also nice to be participating as a PS4 user, since PC players get all the fun with charts and mods. :stuck_out_tongue: Looking forward to #NMSday!

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As one of the PS4 babies I will be joining (I have a Mac only household here… Have pity…)


Are communities part of the plus program? I thought they were open to everyone? I’ve no idea, haven’t had plus in about 6 years. I game/console share with a friend, so I get all his PS plus Subscription bonuses :wink:

@alonemusic Mac only? You poor bastard…

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You don’t need PS Plus to join PSN communities. PS Plus just gives you access to online multiplayer and 2 free games a month.


That. I’d not touch the thing… Got the impression by Hatter words at the start of the thread.

Hello everyone - I’m a part of this. The tweets posted were a mistake. This has NOTHING to do with Waking Titan what so ever. Please do not get excited for this being some sort of WT event, as it is not.

For those interested, it’s a celebration of the game and community leaders are getting together to help discuss how we plan to do this. It’s a secret for now, but as time goes on we will explain more.

I’ve relayed the information back, but this has nothing to do with WT. Hope this clears things


Thanks for taking the time to quell the madness here, keep up the good work Orbit! Look forward to seeing what you guys come up with :slight_smile:

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I dunno why but reading your comment made this meme generate in my mind, so I had to make it and share.

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Thanks for switching threads @oldgods, couldn’t do it myself I was in a cabin in the woods.