At about 5:20 AM UTC an advertisement was played on SBC Paradise FM which references a service called Echo Software, and a website.
I lost my grandmother, Emma, 2 years ago. She was 85. I miss her so much. But now, thanks to Echo Software, I - I can hear her voice back, just using a sample from an old home movie. Grandma Speaks Are you filming this honey? Back to woman I can make her say what makes me feel close to her again, like Grandma Interrupts I love you honey, and I’m leaving you all my jewelery. Normal woman laughs? Cries? Both? idk Thanks to Echo Software everybody’s voice can be anybodies. Visit
It references the site, which currently has the text, BEGIN SECOND SEQUENCE … Initialization may take up to 24 hours…


“Thanks to Echo Software everybody’s voice can be anybodies”

In the second PDF it mentions that for ‘Security Protocol Hermes’ there was ‘Biometric authentication’ that was disabled. If this can mimic anyone’s voice using just a recording, we could be able to bypass voice recognition software.

To further go down the point of no return, if we could clear up the audio from that video on, we could potentially be able to replicate their voice.


here are the links to the recordings that were made

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Oh, wow. It seems like the technology behind the voice thing isn’t perfect but… I dunno, I’d take something over nothing.

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@Emily so are you one of those that jumps at the chance to try new tech? :smile: And there is something very siren-song like in being able to bring back, in any aspect, those from our past.

Yes and no. This is particularly irresistible to me because I lost my parents in high school… I’d jump through a lot of hoops to hear them again, even though this tech seems a little wonky still


Lotsa Hugs, this could have a great outcome for you then :slight_smile:

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No lost parent but I lost my little sister. I’d be in the same hoop jumping boat.

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Can’t say I’d want to hear some distorted techno voice imitating a loved one. Maybe not even if it was a perfect recreation.

Also thanks for the recordings from everyone!

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