Seychelles message just came online


07:22am GMT

Some woman crying, said her grandma passed away last year, missed her voice, but thanks to Echo Software, was now able to hear her voice from taking clips from old home movies.

Grandma clip said “You’re not filming this, are you?”, likely an old home movie.

Woman says “Now I can make her say what I want her to hear”, and then grandma’s distorted voice saying something like “I’m never going to leave you”.

Ended with “Echo dash sixty-four dot com”

It’s too early for me and I still need a coffee, so… whatever. Didn’t think to grab a recording either. Sorry.

EDIT: Just seen this was posted already. BRB, coffee.


So - with this software - the intent is to bring back loved ones (in a sense) - but it can also be used to “cheat” (the one line about the jewelry)? Does this mean we have to be very careful with audio and connecting things that sound the same?

here are the links to the recordings that were made


Anyone jump on the spectrogram yet?


I have on the radio advert for echo 65. Did not reveal anything major. There were bits that looked a bit “odd” but im no audio expert and i think I was just hoping to find something.


Well, the site for changed its text.

Also, the background is a jpg called Atlas, another No Man’s Sky reference, perhaps.

I also tried checking the exif data for it, as well as opening it in Notepad, which had the word “Ducky” at the start.

I’m also very, very tired…


Reminds me of Black Mirror in the episode Be Right Back.

There are actually quite a few applications out there trying to mimic loved ones who passed away. Technology is improving fast and AI gets better and better. To name a few examples:

  • Project Elysium
  • Eternime
  • Oben
  • Replika

Also makes me wonder about the ‘usefulness’ as well as possible downsides of AI. Just think about all the data ‘companions’ like Alexa, Google Home, Siri and alike are collecting. Which reminds me of Amazon and their Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Look and the new Echo Show. Especially considering all the websites we found are all registered through Amazon.


why the waking titan web site redirect to this page?


Because THEY are watching us.


To me it seems like we’re ‘participants’ in some project we don’t know much about, from the list on the pdf. Maybe they’re gathering people here so it’s easier for us to find each other!


Or… or… easier for THEM to find us. They knew us when we were everywhere and now we are all here together. Doesn’t it seem like a good idea to keep all your test subjects in one cage?


the weird thing is finding this website. you wont find it on google. also writing the full name of this website brings up nothing.


That’s not uncommon with forums and new sites. Google has to crawl and then it uses an algorithm to determine view order.


So it is a new site


Yes. Emily built it so she could stay connected to the other members of ETARC even though she’s moved. Unfortunately it seems our presence here has scared them off some what.


kinda shadey, they can always track people through the reddit, this forum has only several people one it.


But see anyone new to Waking titan will now end up here. Adding them to the “cage” so to speak.


Unfortunate side effect. Sorry we invaded your site original ETARC members! Feel free to join in the conversation, especially @Gruffham. I’d love to hear how he feels about all this new age technology that Waking Titan appears to be hinting at.

And @Emily I totally agree they wanted a central place to monitor , to collect all the ideas and have the various communities share intel easily.


Honestly he’s a little uncomfortable with the whole thing, we’ve been sticking to email threads and have agreed to reconvene on the forum once this whole deal blows over :stuck_out_tongue:


I can’t say I blame him. My closest friends and I have been sticking to email to discuss this whole ordeal. I feel more comfortable that way.


I’m guessing but the code for the boat on the 2nd set of icons will be the =dKVhodA_q-g since the last picture of the PDF is a boat. Also I’m betting since the next icon is a plane, that if someone meets the flight that lands in vancover(another users post) that it very well may be another physical paper drop. I’m thinking that first PDF lays out all the interactions we will have in this arg. Pretty sure someone may have posted that already, I found out about this arg about an hour ago because of NMS. My thoughts on the 4th icon on the first page will be that since it looks like the portals in No man’s sky that finding a working one will give the next part of the puzzle for that one. Need some coffee, sorry if this is all over the place need some sleep.