New email from Old Gods, new task

Just received the email. They ask us to track satellite data using a web app on mobile phones… now I’m excited!

Here’s a link to the video that came with the email:


The email can be viewed here

Satellite trackers:


Hologram time: Twitch


Got my email!

Is is bad that I’ve already been pushing the tracker button?

I guess I can reload it and push it again when the satellite is near.


I think that is the idea, as you can only upload the tracker info when the page first loads

I’ve just got the app on my phone and it asks for manual synchronization. Is the sync process for when the satellite is zoned on my location?


My Apple App store doesn’t find the app :frowning:

Coming straight for me! It’s really close to Lanzarote , indeed!

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It doesn’t look like an app per say, but more like a URL link taking you to a page where you can do it. It’s in the Email you got.

Also, Hi. (:


youve gotta find the site via the link. It isn’t an official app. I don’t know the app load process for apple phones but you’ll find a way.

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It is not an app, it is a web app. Open this link and tap on the “share” button and choose “Add to home screen”. Try opening it from there.


Hi there! Yea got it now, needed to tinker with my Safari a little. Seems like I’m making a lot of compromises on my own internet safety to be able to play waking titan!


And can somebody please answer my question above?

Looks like it’ll be close to us tonight at about 11:20ish

I’ll hit the button then


I suppose so. The closer the better, I guess…

The satellite comes over or near quite frequently, so multiple attempts can be made per day.

I did the sync but did not upload. That’s the way I interpreted the email instructions

Im a bit confused; are we attempting to hit a value of exactly 1, or as close as possible to?

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I’d go with as close as possible

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Given the decimal count I assumed. Thank you. :slight_smile: