Atlas Pass designation has been changed

If you did NOT press the button select your designation

  • 16-A
  • L-15
  • WT-01
  • PB-16
  • G-1
  • AWK
  • HG-16
  • PT-16
  • Other

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I’m 16-A, I’ve been casually active since fairly early in Phase1. It seems fairly random. Any geographic correlation? I’m from the US, in a city that never made it on the Calibration map.

I’m in the US, signed up after phase 1 but before phase 2, L-15, I don’t think it’s a geographical correlation, from what I can tell, there are 16-As in North America as well as Europe

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I have been here since the first cassette tape was revealed. I signed up for the Waking Titan emails as soon as it was on option. I have done everything sigil, glyph and survey. I have contributed to the forms routinely.

Dad didn’t join until Phase 1 was complete and we had the csd website. He has done 1 survey. He has done nothing else and doesn’t even have an account at ETARC.

We are both 16-A. We both live in Ohio, about 2 hours apart.

Which survey did he do and would he be willing to share his answers with you and then you tell them to us? If they are similar to what others with class 16-A answered, it would help narrow down the classification system.

For me I thing speed played a role to determine the class. They said: "Consider it a baseline test of your capabilities – and we’re looking at speed above all else.

You may also consider this a simple test of whether you’re paying attention, and whether you’re willing to put in a minimal amount of effort to further the work of the Atlas Foundation. "

I’m in Norfolk, VA. Signed up after phase 1 but before phase 2 started. I did not push the button. OH… and I am L-15.

What’s your designation?

Some folks on reddit have said they haven’t done anything and got 16-A too.

There seems to be 2 major groups - 16-A and L-15. Compared to the calibration map, this could fit with europe and the US.

edit: just saw your last post. Well nevermind.

I’ve been here since the beginning of waking titan and my designation is PB-16.

He is an old man who bought a PS4 after watching me play NMS, just to play NMS, haha. Hadn’t owned a system since the NES. He can’t remember how to tie his shoes, much less what his answers were. I do know it was the survey that asked if you wanted a physical pass.

On the plus side, his system came with Fallout 4 and he loves it. I am surprised he could learn the controls!


I’ve been in since the two ARGs came together. I frequented the sub enough I was there first day of the tapes and dove in as soon as waking titan had NMS coordinates. I got HG-16, Hello Games 16!

My wife and I both signed up between phase 1 and 2 and have been active since. Neither of us “pushed the button”. Designation L-15. Hopefully this does not equate us with Loop 15. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d say it’s either based on time of finishing the last 2 exercises, location of your uploaded photos, or completely random. Most likely number 2 would take too long and I’d like to rule out 1 but I was pretty late getting to the email. It’s probably random, so I wouldn’t let it demotivate you that much

Well, it would seem pressing or not pressing the button has no bearing. It seemed a pivotal question…good to see most of us, so far, did not press it…not that I am judging anyone. Just thought Atlas might seek to take advantage of us in some way since we have been warned…


lol, yes warned not to share!!! lol

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Atlas is watching :scream:

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They have 10,000 passes to give out, I think the different classes are completely random and it is just organized data control, so that they are successful with the task of getting those out. I mean imagine the uproar it would cause if something goes sour in the process. Hence, the reason they aren’t wanting us to share outside of the CSD.

Yeah. After the whole butterfly dream thing and reading about all that broken glass business, I had very vivid and disturbing dreams. I think paranoia is setting in. :scream:


but isn’t it the case that only 2500 have been unlocked? or am i missing something.