Atlas Pass designation has been changed

This is true, good point indeed. I still feel like it’s their way to make sure the process runs smooth. Typically, when you have such a large task, then break it down in chucks-- it’s easier to manage and adjust if need be.


I don’t know if you’ve all seen this but FreakWreck [L-15] on #Waking Titan Discord has done a slightly more comprehensive survey that he’s trying to get people to fill in - Project Plutchik


Reading all past information, I came upon this again

From the memo between Mjr Sophie Dubois and Elizabeth Leighton

Participants displayed high cognitive ability and great teamwork reflexes. We observed the creation of
a bridge between existing, well-organized clusters; they’re already showing a great capability to adapt.
Innovative thinking and quick reflexes even led to the creation of automated scripts to monitor the
pre-launch phase. Investigation in the current available assets reveal great proactivity. Sample is still
very limited. Cohesiveness and inclusion of new participants during the active phases are likely to be key to our success.
Based on this initial response, difficulty recalibration is in progress. Escalation will occur rapidly,
to better gauge if the participants are up to the extreme nature of the problems waiting in later phases.
Let me reiterate that I still think this is much too risky. We don’t have time for this, Elizabeth
It seems based on this past information, the puzzles will be split into the remaining glyphs, and we will need to be in contact with others in our designation?

Also while searching, I came across this little gem

we hope you will also appreciate the other interesting artifacts we have in store for you going forward. (Bolded like on pdf)

Could be we don’t all get an Atlas pass… but swag is coming dependant on designation (how epic would that be)?! :space_invader:


I’m PB-16 now, subscribed to the mailing list June 9 and did all the stuff they asked us to do.
ETARC account since June 26. No discord, no reddit.
And i did not push the button.

It’s okay to be part of the majority, who do you guys think will make the revolution? :smirk:

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Random? Meaningful? Can’t wait to find out! (looks like it’s based on the answers we gave to the surveys).

PS: I couldn’t follow the forum today, anything important to know?

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As a result of recent developments, this email is to inform you that your Atlas Pass designation has been changed to XXXX. Our classification model uses multiple data points including your behavior and quantitative activity as a Citizen Scientist.

I’m wondering, in quiz from the “Calibrating Waking Titan” email if selecting if you were taking the test alone or as a group had anything to do with the class designation. It seems there is a disparity between class and the time when you signed up.

Additionally, don’t forget this forum is public…

Each class designation has a unique strength that indicates your key role in our ongoing experiment. Remember to stay vigilant, and do not share your class designation outside of the Citizen Science Division.


Yeah I made the poll anonymous, but looks like we’ve got a lot inside leakers, brb gonna check if we’re on wikileaks :confused:

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The thing is, they don’t know if a user is on Reddit or Discord, so those 2 are not a factor.

They do have all the answers from your polls, but unless someone here recreates the whole poll structure and gets a large enough group that happens to remember exactly what they votes where, you’re not gonna get much out of that. In various topics it can be seen that 1 specific answer is not guaranteed any specific class.

The amounts of images submitted also does not appear to be a factor, with ppl like Todd (who submitted a lot) and others who are at 0 both in 16-a.

The exact registration date (with the mailing list) may be of some influence, it would at least explain the size of some groups.

And finally, it could just be entirely random. Keep in mind that even if they just use some poll answers as the seed for a random number, they are not even lying when they say it’s based on your answers/etc. The outcome however, would still be fairly random.

TLDR: no clue how/why they got this ranking, not enough data to be clear.

lets also keep in mind that they are watching the community pretty closely, maybe they have selected certain individuals from the community and placed them in one or more groups.

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Possible, but if that were to be the case, I’d expect a couple of rather high profile characters like (again, you make an excellent example) @toddumptious to be in one of the smaller groups, while they are in the bulk group. Though it could be he was just one they missed. ^^

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This is too vague for me. They didn’t state (or even give a hint) what will happen if I do, and they didn’t define what “outside” exactly means. I see ETARC as a part of the CSD until I’m officially told that it is not.

I am a scientist, not a soldier - I don’t follow orders without a good explanation or any insight about the purpose.

Now come over, Atlas agents, and arrest me - you have my postal address.


i simply think the designations are based on answers to certain specific questions from those surveys. Like the push red button,u might get a million dollars,and/or someone somewhere dies. I think specific questions were very important,and they took data from our surveys,and created classes/designations based on those findings.


I basically agree,

Our classification model uses multiple data points including your behavior and quantitative activity as a Citizen Scientist.

This means it could be a point based system, so even if you answer the same as someone else in one area, but not in another, your result can differ greatly. No one factor will tip you over.


Email basically states this. I think the classes will determine what new missions or objectives we might be doing? lol i have no idea. This is just all realllllly interesting.

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The designation is most likely random. There’s very little activity in the ARG that leaves a digital fingerprint. The closest thing we have are the surveys, which I doubt they have the time to go through individually. The only thing we know for sure is that they’re tracking the multiple choice / true or false answers as a group and giving us feedback on the results in the Old Gods emails. Outside of that there’s the optional “enter id” field when you uploaded your pictures. that’s about it.

Of course they’re not going through surveys manually, they don’t have to. The surveys have unique links that they can track.

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Yes, Information can be embedded to pass on additional information (e.g. citizen scientist’s id) if the participant uses the link in the email. A person that manually types in the url address in a browser won’t pass on this information. That said, I don’t think they’re going to waste the headcount on it. This ARG has been outsourced to a modest sized group. They’ll capture the easy stuff (polls) and they’ll report the group outcome, which the only tangible information we can prove they have tracked (as they’ve included pie charts in their Old Gods emails).