New Email and New Development on project-wt

Guys, head over to NOW

The site now says "We need your help to calibrate the system at so it can better model collective decision-making processes. To do so, we need you to photograph specific objects in your local area and upload them along with your observations. Thank you for your cooperation.

Your first assignment is:

Clicking on “Continue” there is a photo-upload window together with a short questionnaire relating to the photo you are uploading.

Edit: added quotes and last two lines.

Edit from your friendly mod @Balmoth

Below are the answers to the test. Saves you the trouble of searching across the entire topic

Dataset A Key: DA - orion
Dataset B Key: CF - hyperion
Dataset C Key: lead - hastings
Dataset D Key: wfxuopkn - mercury


what the hell is a public resonant percussion instrument?!

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guildford appears to be at “max data reached”, good thing we don’t know anyone there…

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A wind chime?

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There is also a new email from Old Gods that seems to be related to the change on the website, changing thread title.


Tango MI.6 data set challenge/puzzle via email. screenshot of email below:


I am perplexed by the survey question “Are you doing this mission alone?”

I mean… yes I am sitting here in my corner of the world and doing stuff on my own, but I have all of you guys to get help from and bounce ideas with… hmm… I’m going to try going at it “alone” first and see where that leads to… how are you guys answering that one?

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Can someone help me with this?

We need to decipher a code… but I am sucked… it tells me that "waking titan is the next code…

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i answered no, since were almost all one collective solving towards a greater goal

Guys did you answer yes or no to the “alone” question?

ahh @DaleGrib just saw your answer

I’am actually in the same question. The vignere cipher doesn’t giev anything

I think that maybe the disks from yesterday…

I answered alone.

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But how would i use that? There isnt a y on the disk…

In the section with the numbers speaks about a disk.

Answering no changes the second question: Now it says “What it the name of your group?”

so do we actually need to go out a photograph a church bell? The email says it wants around 40 cities from 8 time zones. i can get the PST time zone, i live minutes from a church. Is this still necessary? Couldnt i just upload a church bell off of google lol?

The answer to this puzzle is:

from starting place, turn the coding ring -3, then +13 == DA.

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what do you mean?

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