L Plays Gaming found a Youtube channel that might be linked to Waking Titan, or it's another very elaborate ARG

You have to consider that the No Man’s Sky community isn’t necessarily the target audience for Waking Titan. Alice and Smith were hired by Hello Games to virally market their game, No Man’s Sky. If all they did was communicate with the game’s fan-base, they would draw in very few new buyers of the game.

The first Waking Titan started out mainly drawing in people from the ARG community and appeared to have no relation to NMS. Then, the ARG suddenly used a comm-ball inside NMS to hide a password and suddenly the NMS community was drawn in, though many insisted it was an ARG trying to hijack the NMS community to drum up interest, which proved to not be the case.

Now, it is quite possible that this AIHBP thing could be drawing interest from many sources, while seeming unconnected to NMS, in order to draw non-NMS fans in again. Also, Markiplier played NMS on his channel, though only for 2 episodes.

I’m not saying it is for sure, but it is still in the realm of possibility that this new ARG is connected.


I think you and L may be right. My guess is that they will not link the channel with the ARG until much later, if they are truly related. I feel like there are subtle links to NMS, such as the unification process interaction between the AI referenced in the comment section. I will definitely be keeping a close eye on this channel until we can prove it isn’t related to waking titan. But The story looks interesting on its own.

On a side note: I’m going to guess that AIHBP stands for Artificial Intellegence Habitable Body Process.


Honestly, I don’t really care if AIHBP is linked to WT or not. This guy uploads a video with a puzzle and lore 1-2 times a week, which is more we’ve been getting from Waiting Titan lately.


I have no idea if this is really NMS related, but why not talk about it? Speculation is the lifeblood of message boards, right? :slight_smile:


I dunno, I thought it was immediately BS or rather, not related to WT or NMS.

I still don’t think it is.

Waking Titan was always very NMS themed, and as well, very very early on into the ARG someone found a Com Ball on a planet in NMS that contained a sequence that was the answer to a WT Glyph.

That was a clear cut crossover. The people saying WT and NMS weren’t released at that point were foolish.

But this channel, " A.I.H.B.P " did start on Dec 22 this year, which is super recent.

So that makes it a recent new ARG, or its related.

Next question is, when did someone find out 1.5 popped up on WT.com?

I still believe it’s unrelated.


1.5 on WT was first posted here 10 days ago.

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So the channel was created before the 1.5 came about. Hmmmm.

Hard to say, I read most of the crazy A.I.H.B.P comments, but it’s just not giving me WT vibes.

However, maybe Gall Benedict is running A.I.H.B.P? I have no idea.

And the last A.I.H.B.P video was 2 days ago.

Their channel description is Peculiar however and somewhat NMSish.

"We were tasked with creating life from non life, the impossible. "

“But we did it. We fulfilled our task.”

" I wonder what will happen? "

So maybe now we’re getting the origin story of the creator of the Atlas?

Again. 0 clue.

With HG no doubt actively checking in on NOMANSSKYTHEGAME and this forum, I assure they’ll confirm if not related very soon.

They wouldn’t let us fester over nothing…



Yeah, they reached out to Unimatrix fairly quickly to dispell rumore that the Atlas Passes were beta keys. They have yet to state this as not being part of the ARG so we can’t exactly set it aside just yet. Even Cobra addressed that he may know who it is and HG still silent. Then again they never said anything about Reaction Tea Time.


I’m pretty sure at some point HG told us that Reaction Faction was bogus, of if HG didn’t then RF eventually did anyways. No A.I.H.B.P isn’t related I don’t think.

No name drops, no Universe mentions,no Atlas reference, Triad, Balaron, no code that we find hidden within the comments that solves the 10th glyph,etc.

Ima,still say it’s bogus.

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I feel the Black Mirror series is where the effort should be. That is what Sean tweeted about, possibly to point us in the right direction.


I think the Black Mirror is just a hint at what’s to come. The episode is pretty interesting.

Oh Show us Dey Wei oh Sean Murray.

Show us Dey Wei

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True but the Atlas Pass beta key rumors held more immediate significance so they HAD to break character on that one and I’m glad they did.

We need something, a clue, a drop, a recording, a broadcast, for WT to suddenly go live on Twitch,receive the LVL 4 Atlas Passes,something.

We’re dying out here!!

According to L Plays, the creator of AIBHP told Oribit TV that he is not linked to Waking Titan. Obviously there is still room for hearsay, but it’s looking like they aren’t linked.