We are The Spacing Guild: Masters of interstellar navigation, and friends to the friendless

Hello, I am Mac Foraday, which you may already know, but what you may not know is that I am also the Director of The Spacing Guild.

The Spacing Guild is a group (name inspired by the Dune sci-fi novels) of No Man’s Sky players who specialize in navigating the Euclid Galaxy and providing a number of services to clients.

We were formed several months before Waking Titan began, and for a long time our main mission was visiting other players’ bases and leaving them messages of hope, telling them that they are not alone in the universe.

Now, the Spacing Guild is working on crafting several new services for clients in the Euclid Galaxy (yes, we have voted and chosen to stay in Euclid).

Please stay tuned to this thread, as we will be re-opening recruitment for new members and will begin taking on new clients in September when we complete changes to our services.

Here is our website:


Here is my newest Spacing Guild Report video, which explains all the possible new services we are considering to offer.