Interested in joining The Spacing Guild? Then move to our public hub!

The Spacing Guild now has a public hub that is open for anyone on PS4 in Euclid Galaxy to move to. The public hub is a proving ground for players wishing to become full-fledged members of the Guild and gain access to the secret hub.

People who attack or grief others in the public hub will not be recommended to become a full TSG members. Those who play nice, build useful bases and help other players may be recommended to BattleToe (the new Director, I stepped down to be merely the Spokesman) and may become full-fledged Spacing Guild members.

Here is the intro video for the public hub, which shows the portal address for it:


We are currently working on new activities. As a preview, we are looking at city and farm network building, scavenger hunts, showing advanced exploration techniques, and consensual PVP.

We are also looking at resource sharing, module sharing and location archive benefits for full membership.

I will post here when we have new developments for public activities.


The Spacing Guild public hub has a new capitol on this amazing exotic biome planet!