Make friends with other players in The Spacing Guild's Multiplayer Resorts!

The Spacing Guild has just launched our first Multiplayer Resort today, Saturday, October 7th, 2017! The portal address for the resort is in the video below. Come join us now, all are welcome! I will be livestreaming the event and we will be having several fun events such as races and sculpture contests (we will screenshot our sculptures and share them to vote on winners). Come to the portal address now to join in (you have to be on PS4 and in the Euclid Galaxy).


@MacForADay ,

Love the Idea Mac :slight_smile: Even though I am on PC I still would love to watch the Stream :slight_smile:

I got an idea for those who are at the center already in the Euclid. Go to the address using the portal and then mark off the system on the discovery tab as your destination. You can then fly about 4000 Light years from where ever you might be and visit the planet. I personally have flown in the PC Universe all the way from 600000 Light Years to the Center and have kept my Original Base since 1.1 :slight_smile:

Great Work On Community Awareness :+1: :smiley:


Have I got this right…? i need a base first then find a portal then I can put in the address and afterwards return to my base.
As yet I have’t got a new base my first is underground scince the update so I am looking for a nice even temp planet to acquire one… I am in creative on PS4

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You don’t need a base to use portals. Just find one, charge it, enter the address and go.


Here is the livestream of the launch party at our first Multiplayer Resort


If you are on PC you can still join our sculpture contest. Make a Halloween-themed sculpture with the Terrain Manipulator and tweet a screenshot of it @macforaday. We will put the pics on our website and let people vote on them, then announce the winner on Halloween.


To permanently move to the Multiplayer Resort: Go to the portal address > find a base and claim it > go back through the portal > use Terminus Portal in a space station to travel back to the base you claimed on the resort planet.


Damn I was portal hopping on saturday and all :frowning:

I spent the weekend working on a farming base for ps4 players in survival mode since I had a very hard time finding any online here, reddit, gamepedia etc etc. Will share address details and images once I find time outside of stupid work being all worky and making me work.

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You visited this place, didn’t you? Aren’t you ChristianHour? We saw your comm station

Oh thats where it was? Some spicing guild folk were on my random stops list :3 I’m currently set up not too far from you guys exploring the nearby systems :slight_smile: Just yellow star systems, still haven’t bothered fixing my warp drives since 30 black holes ago maybe XD

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Come join the party now, Sunday, October 29th 2017 at the Leirnoria Multiplayer Resort! I will be livestreaming the party and anyone who comes can be in the PS4 chat party so livestream viewers can hear you. Even if you are on PC you can still participate by tweeting screenshots of your sculptures of food items to me @MacForADay