The Spacing Guild's 2nd Annual Halloween Party was Saturday, October 27th, 2018!


Hello! The Spacing Guild will be having another Halloween party like last year. There will be a sculpture contest again and a new costume contest! All the details are in the video below. Everyone on PS4 will be welcome to attend.


Alese and I will be there (of course). I am looking forward to it.


Head on over to the Spacing Guild’s Halloween Party! The portal address is in the video below:


The Spacing Guild’s 2018 Halloween Party hs ended. Here is the livestreams of it if you missed it:


The costume and sculpture contests are also still going on for the rest of today (Saturday). Message me on PSN (Merimacdwarf-orc) or tweet me @macforaday on Twitter with your screenshot of costume customized character or Halloween terrain sculpture. I will announce the winners tomorrow (Sunday), which will be determined with Twitter likes.


Here is the winner of the sculpture contest:

Colinmafia’s Giant Spider

The costume contest was tied, here are the two winners:

Hope1431’s scary Vykeen

@LordMarkov 's Bumblebee