How to use signal booster coordinates to navigate to a nearby star (such as in the ETARC Hub)

The Spacing Guild is making lists of our rare discoveries in the ETARC Hub, and giving signal booster coordinates for each star which can be used to find them. However, I realize many people do not know how to use this method of navigation, as it requires many steps to complete. Below are the steps you need to take to use signal booster coordinates to pinpoint a star’s location:

  1. Go to the Pilgrimstar app: and click the second tab on the left-hand side. Enter the signal booster coordinates, press the button, and it will give you a portal address for that star system.

  2. Use a portal and go to the portal address. Open your discovery menu and find the name of the star whose system you are now in. Press X (on PS4) on the star’s name, and the game will create a waypoint to the star.

  3. Go back through the portal, get in your ship, fly into space, open the galaxy map, and there will now be a waypoint path leading you straight to the star so you can go there and see all of its rare discoveries for yourself.

We hope this tutorial was easy to understand so that you all can become masters of interstellar navigation like The Spacing Guild.

Below is a link to our HEAD Project where you can find the discovery lists and get the signal booster coordinates for rare and unique finds.


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