Quick navigation to a star system on the same black hole ring

I have posted this in one of the threads and decided, that it might be more helpful for others, if I post it here as separate topic as well.

Step by step instruction, which I use to reach destination fairly quickly:

general preparation and setting waypoint:

  1. collect as many glyphs and warp cells as you can. :slight_smile:
  2. portal to the target system.
  3. go to the discoveries and click and hold on a desired system to set custom waypoint.
  4. portal home.

black hole roulette preparation:

  1. find and jump to nearby system with a black hole (completing atlas path helps to make those systems visible on the galaxy map).
  2. create planetary save point for backup purposes.
  3. summon your freighter near a black hole and create space save point (if you do not have one - go to the space station in the same system and create second save point there) - for convenience of jumping to black hole after reloads.

black hole roulette jumping:

  1. jump into blackhole
  2. check your distance towards custom check point on the galaxy map
  3. are you happy with the light years remaining towards destination?
    10a) no, reload current latest save on freighter/space station and go to #8
    10b) yes, proceed to the next section

final warping towards destination:

  1. if you have several ships - choose the one which has warp drive with most upgrades installed (ideally s-class freighter with all upgrades)
  2. open galaxy map and choose custom waypoint
  3. align start and end points of the path in one dot (straight line, if looking from aside) on the center of the screen
  4. press shift and fly fast forward, until you see β€œtoo far for jump”
  5. now slowly fly back and warp to whatever system you like, which is on the edge of your warp drive capabilities
  6. have you arrived to your destination?
    16a) no, go to #12
    16b) yes, I have arrived to my destination!

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