Etarc Hub Is Open

Right smack on the black hole ring of where I am now perfect :star2:



What are the names of the two regions of the hub? We need to know to ensure we name all the stars in those regions with the naming conventions.


Bezesi Cluster
Morshob Adjunct

(edit: fixed spelling error)


Thanks! I will be posting a thread for the Spacing Guild’s HEAD project for ETARC Hub momentarily.


Thank god those roll off the tongue unlike the Rentocniijik Expanse of the galactic hub

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Here is the link the Spacing Guild’s project to help explore the ETARC Hub:

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Good to see it does exist outside of my own console.(I was a bit worried). Had a chuckle in the vid when you were looking in every direction before looking up.
The exploration begins!


Ok, I’ve re-established a base about 1300 LY away from the hub. I have to admit that I’m very new to this approach to the game but I consider myself an explorer. My question now is how do I help? How do I share my findings? Is there a preferred approach? I need direction. PM me if that would be more appropriate.


sigh I had black holed just 400 warps from the hub and started warping but then the Atlas story had other plans and I went in a portal stupidly and now I can’t revert to the save where I was 400 warps away. I can only load the backup from just before going into the black hole damnit

Just start exploring. Name the systems and planets following the proper methods and enjoy NMS as per usual. Try to be systematic and explore systems near each other and within the 2 regions of the hub chain (for now).
If you are online as you UPLOAD your finds they should simply go straight to the data base.
If you find a distinctive planet of special note; due to having 20 metre tall diplos or other interesting finds, post it here (maybe with some directions) to share with the community. If you find somewhere nice which suits your purpose as a home, put down 2 beacons (portal and base) and move in.
If you punch “scan” you should get the “contact” markers pop up of others of us in the area. I’m currently bouncing back and forth between Wayfarers Gateway ECSD System and my home system. Wayfarers System ECSD is halfway up the chain and out a bit.

The Atlas does like to slap us in the face sometimes…


Will do. Aren’t we also trying to find our capitol planet/system? Has there been any discussion on the type of place we’re looking for? Forgive me if this has already been answered I just don’t remember reading anything anything that covered it.

No. Apart from a green star, about halfway up the chain and out a bit, which I picked out but have not explored, nothing has really been decided. Perhaps hold off on exploring the middle bunching in the chain until more people arrive and can view the formation in their galactic map and can make a decision. It should be a group decision not necessarily by polls but at least chatted about. Are you over on Elysium Arcadia? I just noticed it as a recent contact point.

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No. I’m on the outer edge of Morshob working my way in.

OK, haven’t located you yet but…I just noticed another visitor popping right up on the chain in the upper half.
It’s quite fun to watch this region slowly springing into life.
Jekapavo ECSD just got discovered!

Be interesting to see it all discovered once I return.

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I saw @MacForADay discover that on his video. It was shortened slightly :slight_smile:


I had to sit on this one last night while making a decision… Do I pack up my survival farm and make the trip (the easiest option!) or do I go back to my bugged out normal save from 1.31 (bound to be not bugged no mo! - couldnt find portal glyphs or travellers-) so I can see everyones bases etc…

Was not an easy decision to make, the pull to see other peoples bases is very high, but it could be a few weeks before I get the glyphs and finally make it there, might be easier even to go with black hole roulette on that save… Then I figured… Theres gonna be some survivalists making the trip, they’ll need somewhere nice to lay their head a while. I’d like to provide the provisions for such travellers.

Hope to make it there today! I missed ALL the polls haha, picked a bad time to pack and move home, but now my NMS journey will reflect that as, on this very day one week ago when I packed my stuff into a van and hit the road, I will be emulating it across the cosmos, by hook or by crooke (cromwell, ya prick!)


I’ll pop by when I return and say hi. You know the normal: look around, have a cup of tea, create a rift in reality, that sort of thing.
Hope you like your/our new home when you arrive.

I’m currently about 60,000 ly away, back on my pilgrimage. Nothing like burning some warpies to get you in the mood for an adventure. Yeehah!


Elysium Arcadia is my home system outside the ETARC hub. I just moved there and set up my base yesterday. It produces 5 explosives and a heat capacitor each farm cycle. There will be a race setup once I finish finding antimatter spawn points. You’re welcome to come by! :wink:

The main purpose of my base is to grow antimatter (in those containers) for warp cells.

I’m hoping to start exploring today.



I worked it out later off the discoveries menu.