The Hub Capital - Designing and Building our Home

Just wondering what everyone’s thoughts are regarding what the Capital, ie; the claimed base on the decided planet should actually look like.

I think the design can fall into two categories:

Functional - Farm with resources to help travellers

Showcase - A base designed purely to wow visitors

I would suggest that the design should be consistent across game modes and formats. I use Excel to design and note down my bases so I can rebuild them exactly. Does anyone else use different methods?

If we have a blueprint of a base then whoever claims the Capital and does all the naming, can then build the base according to this community’s design.


In a hub environment does the Capital need to be a farm or could it just be purely wow?
Take away any farming requirements & the structure can be much more interesting. Just a suggestion.
Some thoughts:
It should be both ship & portal proximity friendly for visitors.
Should be cleverly designed & elegant.
Should go beyond the normal base ideas.
Should be fun to experience and interact with.

I use creative mode to test run ideas for structures as it is a good way to troubleshoot and work out interesting ways of designing things.


I agree with @Mad-Hatter on all four of his points. The base on the capitol must be close to the portal and have a memorable, unique and enjoyable design. Farm bases are easier to find (see the Spacing Guild website :grinning:). Deliberate farms will no doubt be created by CSD members in the HUB area once established.

Here are some additional thoughts on the capitol:

  • Not every mode needs to have the same design. This may encourage players to visit in more than one mode and not hamper creativity to unneeded form.
  • I would keep design choice as function of leadership with any player submitting ideas. These designs can change to bring more interest (not only in seeing the new designs but for those that want their designs to be chosen). Also, this would speed up the process (it is taking quite awhile to even get the HUB underway.)
  • Perhaps consider having a race track built for community interest. At the very least having a nomad and/or roamer exopad at the base should be a must.
  • A word of warning: the best and most artistic bases I have seen all have one thing in common. They can lag the game to the point of glitching. This may not be as much of an issue with PS4 Pro or PC, but it is significant for normal PS4. Mainly, I see this the most when a large number of infrastructure blocks have been used in the design.
  • We should have an understood comm-ball etiquette for the HUB. Something simple like “post them in caves or on ridges when possible outside of the base circle area”. Nothing ruins a good base location like comm-balls you cannot get rid of that interfere with the building of the base.

I was hoping a show-home style base would be preferable :blush: This is the type of base I enjoy creating the most. Farms are for freighters.

So yes, agree agree agree!

I design my bases with two simple elements in mind. Must have a, “Pilot Lounge” (I don’t really know why…) and must have roof access. The pilot lounge will usually have a nice view to it.

I just wanted to get people thinking about what they would like their capital to look like so elements can be brought in from everyone’s input. Simple things like colour scheme, what flag and banner decals to use etc. Do we want a tall lofty structure, or a low set one? I guess we need to see the location first.


Do have to say. The lounge patio was one of the things that I liked most about your base. :grinning:

My must have item is to build garden pathways for the plants that can grow outside.


Tis should be to WOW players away from WOW!!!



Really like the ‘patio’/pilots lounge ideas too.
In fact, @Oshoryu had a great base from a show home point of view that I enjoyed visiting. Most other bases I visit tend to be a farms. (Good for raiding goodies but…).

A capital base should encompasse the ideas of a leader base not a farm. ie; probably have some sort of amphitheater & be sectioned to accommodate our different factions.
Can’t be too complex like @LordMarkov mentions but needs to be interesting to walk through; with ornamental plants we never see in planters & banners. I’m thinking a luxury vs science vibe.
Different modes having different structures might encourage different mode visits.
Landing pads are a necessity around detailed structures to avoid unexpected ground-glitches.
Glass components can be overused & end up making a base unnecessarily complex.
Gamma Root & Solanium make the nicest pathway plants with their nightime glow so we need a suitable planet in this regard.
Strategically placed windows are a personal favourite.
The list goes on & on… :grinning:


All fantastic ideas! I agree it shouldn’t be a farm. It needs to be awe inspiring.

I had a thought. Perhaps a competition? See who can make the best base? We can post screenshots here and choose the best one.


I had the ‘bright’ idea of a fun labyrinth base so I set about designing one in creative mode…
Decided on all black.
Lots of twists, dead ends, ups & downs later, I got so lost in my own structure I got freaked out.
After a moment’s panic, I remembered I was the dungeon master & subsequently built myself a door & escaped.
Needless to say, I’ve scrapped that idea. :rofl: