All your Base are belong to us

Share your Base builds here - try to include platform and game mode - for example in Creative mode there are endless possibilities, but the constraints of Normal, Permadeath etc mean potentially more inventive techniques to maximise design within the complexity limit.

Note: This is not a topic for sharing Location or Portal Address but for the design and aesthetics, and architecture of your Base/s.


Current Base - PC - Normal


Permadeath ps4 - didn’t feel like grabbing a usb so just snapped pics with my iPad . I’m past needing recipes, so I have a farmers market if I need a few hundred of something


Previous Base - PC - Normal (Vanilla)


This base was discussed a while back when @Polyphemus was setting up the ETARCIA ECSD Hub. I thought Mr Noodle’s needed his own playground to play and relax on, when he has time off from the Waking Titan ARG. So a ‘mouse-wheel’ themed base was bolted together! The Etarc Hub Is Open - #264 by johnnycloud is the original thread.

It was designed to be as high as possible within the limits. Through the panoramic window arrangement at the top Mr Noodles can watch the exocar raceing below and players leaping over rocks and crashing through the tunnels. Also if you don’t land on the only space platform you can watch ships circle about and land frequently. Quite exciting when you are so high up on the fragile structure…Climber beware. There’s also a thinly disguised Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Easter egg as the base was financed by Frankie & Benjy mouse Construction.

It uses no mods and exists in Creative Mode and workshop on PC. Sometime when I return to Euclid I shall be able to re-create it in Normal Mode. Should be fun when multi-player arrives!


Pre Atlas PS4 (normal) base. Abandoned for new Atlas Rises restart.

1st base after restart was just the basics to get base missions completed.
2nd base after restart was a multi product farm that grew in stages.

Next base was supposed to be a base-share farm but got severely glitched and was abandoned with a massive loss of materials due to not being able to dismantle. Was a max complexity (mostly glass) CB farm.

Next base as built in stages and was intended to be a base share farm but the local portal had a corrupted address so it was packed up after I’d made my fortune.

After spending some time nomadic, I built this appropriately space-base themed base with a small farm and a lot of decorative extras located in the Etarc Hub

This same location was then used to build an "abandoned base’ themed with debris and was sort of derelict and partially dismantled as if storms had ruined it or whatever.

I then had a few small underground bunker bases purely to have a permanent teleport address near to the Etarc hub but they kept suddenly filling in.
I am currently using a basic "wasteland’ themed base with a few warp-cell drums and a sample farm as a place to wait until after NEXT comes. It’s conveniently located to other bases I know of and my harvesters.


I love that abandoned base theme, and will shamelessly ape it.

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Go for it! :smile:
I also did a little story-based pair of ship-wreck bases in creative mode. I’ll share the pics here once I can dig them out.


Creative Mode PS4 Ship Wreck Bases.
Was a fun little story about a ship that broke in two and was lost in the cosmos. I built 2 separate creative save bases and at each one, the very complicated sections of the front and rear of a mid sized space cruiser.
Both had all sorts of debris and bits with all sorts of swivelled sections, exposed engines etc. etc. to give that crumpled wreck feel.

The front.

The Rear.

Warp Engine (and entry to the central base).

Exposed Reactor Core (where it broke in half).

The Main Thruster Units (as seen from behind).


That’s amazing, I wish I was as creative - truly great base!

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Macs vid 1 No Man's Sky - A new type of crashed freighter! Mad Hatter's creation! - YouTube
Macs vid 2 No Man's Sky - Mysterious, Unidentified Wreckage! Created by Mad-Hatter - YouTube

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The attention to detail blows my mind - fantastic bases. My favorite video is freighter wreck 2.


I jumped back to my PS4 so I could visit these bases. Inside was a treat as well.


A few I’ve done in creative mode on the PC.


These are all great!


Yeah I almost always build for efficiency, and just don’t have that creative thought process that leads to these terrific bases. Great job all around :grinning:



Fort Saguaro
Still a WIP


Those bases are awesome, great builds.

Took my game to Calypso to get my haulers and reclaim my extreme cold barren planet from my corrupt save. Not too different, I have no imagination :smiley:


PS4 - Normal mode

2 landing pads
galactic trading terminal
about 2 circuit boards build
5 x gravitino balls (great for theta upgrades!)
3 exocraft pads
seperate terminal building for npcs
exploited TOG base building bug to add plants outside in base perimeter
calm but creepy, exotic planet

went vertical design