Can Joiners Build?

Not as far as I know.

If you travelled there through a portal, you can’t build a base. You can only do it if you travelled there by ship or teleport. The other bases you see during the weekend quests got there by cheating.

But our method is NOT cheating. It’s using a legitimate game mechanic. Yes, it’s a sneaky workaround… but it’s legal.

(edit) P.S.
I should point out that I am not suggesting people should build bases on the Egg planet. I haven’t, and I hope nobody else from CSD will. It spoils the game for other players.

We are building in the system next door to the Egg system - so we can travel to the Egg planet easily, and see what’s going on, without the restrictions that portal travel imposes. We’re not bothering anyone.

In order to take part in the quest, rather than just observe, it’s likely that we will also have to portal to the Egg planet. That seems to be the way these quests work.


Just one word of caution; As the number of people involved grows, expect lag. At times it can be significant. I knew you were in system yesterday because I had some laggy moments. The larger the bases, the more lag will be an issue. Of course, I am used to it. Happens in the Anomaly all the time. (and I have sorry internet as well)


Happened to be passing by.


Is this you on steam?:


His icon in my friends list is the same as it is here. Must be a doppelganger.


Long time lurker here, thanks for the invitation, I also built a base in the neighbourhood. :blush: (I uploaded it in your session and outside your session, I don’t know why it’s invisible) :worried:


No, it’s an impostor.

My Steam Name and picture are the same as here.


Welcome to the forum. Always nice to see new members.

You are a very repid base builder!


Welcome, friend from Lurkdom!


Welcome into the light and out of the shadows. :sunny:Happy travels!

I have a question,
@Polyphemus and I were in MP, I joined his game when I built my base. His was already built. I can see his and he can see mine. Others can see both. We cannot see @AdaRynin 's. I just checked. Not there. Does a person need to be in a joined game with @Polyphemus for the base to show? What is the issue?
I know @Polyphemus has more than one base, I can see 2 when in MP with him but only 1 when not in MP. We should be able to see 1 from each player. Is there a limit? In the weekend events I can see at least 4. Have not really counted.


Some interesting observations from visiting @johnnycloud 's Rehab Center…(not in the Watcher System)
I joined his game but not everything that showed for him, showed for me. For instance, this hallway was a dead end for me. It was funny watching him walk through the wall.

And neither of us could see the other turn these switches on and off.

As you might be able to tell, the whole complex is a puzzle.
And at the end of it all, I discovered a face with a mustache on a rock, :smiley:

I will return later, outside of MP to see if the hallway exists for me.


@sheralmyst, I think at least part of the answer lies in uploading. The base of mine that you can see is uploaded. The other one isn’t.

Yesterday. @DevilinPixy and I were present while @AdaRynin built a base - but I don’t think they uploaded it. @AdaRynin left the joined game, and left the planet, to test everything had worked. When they came back, the base was there, but they couldn’t see us.

@AdaRynin left again. Then @DevilinPixy and I left the system, and returned. When I got back, there was no marker for @AdaRynin’s base - I couldn’t find it.

Then @DevilinPixy came back - but I couldn’t see her marker, either. I could, however, read her chat messages, and she could see @AdaRynin’s base.

While all this was going on, @Argh turned up to build a base, and things were a bit confused for a while. I eventually wnt to bed around midnight, with a promise to come back today, and try to sort things out, which I will.

But uploading the base seems to be a key step. :grinning:


I’ve been back to @AdaRynin’s base today. The base is still there, nicely visible - but the in-system marker didn’t show until I was very close to it. If @DevilinPixy hadn’t left a comm ball nearby, I wouldn’t have been able to find the place.

I still can’t find @Argh’s base, although I know they built one. There’s no marker showing.

@sheralmyst’s base remains nicely visible, both across the system, and on-planet.

I will be around for the rest of the day, either in the Watcher of the Skies system, or wherever the weekend task takes us. :smiley:


I just loaded up NMS and indeed the base was still there where I logged out last night. Decided to remove my freighter, as this may cause some issues. Currently checking nearby systems for a possible base location.

I had that same issue yesterday, although I never left the system, once I got away from the base, the marker had disappeared. Only once I got really close, did it appear again. This may likely be due to not having uploaded the base? It exists for us, because we have been in the same group and visited the base?

If any help is needed, let me know, I am on now and will be for some time.


For me @AdaRynin’s base appeared on the teleport list when using @sheralmyst’s Holo Terminus, so there was a quick and easy way to get there. Just make sure you get in your ship and re-call it elsewhere as it blocks the door.

@Polyphemus tried the same and it worked fine, now having a Hauler block the door. I had to reload an auto-save to get out, when he left…

This reload then got me outside and replaced the Hauler with my ship again. When I re-called it away from the door, the Hauler showed up again … fun stuff! :rofl:

Anyways, I found @Polyphemus’ 2nd base I think and put a base computer near for a build I have in mind. Will see what comes of it :wink:


I joined @Polyphemus and I could see a number of bases. I built my base, then used my portal to go to his base but Admiral Ackbar yelled in my ear when I exited the portal :smile:

No way out except back through the base portal. lol

I’m now leaving group and heading via space station to my home system. Thanks for this, Poly! <3


@DevilinPixy is building like a mad genius. It can be seen from miles away.



I didn’t actually set up a base there yet, so don’t drive yourself crazy looking for it. :wink:

I warped to the :notes::egg: system itself by ship (thanks DaRC). Then I tried to find which nearby star you claimed for ETARC, but there must have been a glitch with the servers. It wasn’t loading the “Watcher of the Skies” name at first, or showing “contact” on the galactic map. So right in the middle of your confusions, I started pestering you with new ones of my own, haha! Thanks for the help!

I think I also only saw part of @AdaRynin’s base where I met you and @DevilinPixy. It looked incomplete. Sorry that I couldn’t stay longer to help you folks out. At least the systems are in my tele now, so I can easily return.


@DevilinPixy IS a Mad Genius (in the best possible way). :heart:


@DevilinPixy, @sheralmyst, and myself.

What we did on our holidays: