Magnetised Ferrite - Exocraft Technician

If you’re doing the Exocraft Technician quests, you will reach a point where he sends you out to mine Magnetised Ferrite.

Magnetised Ferrite takes the place of Detritium from 1.3 (you can tell, because in the quest, the name has remained in one instance). Unfortunately, in NEXT, Magnetised Ferrite does not exist as a raw material. If you go looking for Magnetised Ferrite to mine, you will look for ever - there isn’t any.

The only way you can obtain Magnetised Ferrite is to refine it from Pure Ferrite. You can’t mine the stuff.

The quest will happily accept Magnetised Ferrite you have made. It’s not necessary to mine it (even if you could). So don’t be fooled into wasting hours looking for the stuff - there isn’t any. Make it, instead.



While waiting for the major bugs to be addressed I made of list of what items I had squirreled away in 1.38 and then temporarily installed 1.52 (total of 7 minutes) to create a list of what materials had changed or became obsolete and reverted back to 1.38 to keep waiting. Found about 35 materials or items that became something else including a couple of unknowns as I did not check what was in the colossus and some unique materials were also in storage containers.

In the interim I decided to stock up on a few materials and have a going out of business sale for some items that would either being greatly overstocked or otherwise not worth keeping. I therefore decided to add some more gold, platinum, radnox and for good measure some more nanites. All four of my ships plus my freighter and exocraft are pretty much filled to the brim but many slots will be emptied when the nanites are converted (current inventory bumped from about 9000 to perhaps 12000 nanites).

So what did Radnox become? You’ve done all that research, then you didn’t give us the punch line…

I notice that the floating “octopus” creature/plants you find on some planets now just give oxygen. You’d think something so weird would yield something a bit more exotic.

Lack of imagination (or time pressure) on HG’s part.


Radnox became Magnetised Ferrite.

I have a list of what changes I found. Your first post also indicated detritum also was converted but I only had 29 of those in an exocraft.

Only listed items which I confirmed to have changed. Please also note some of the weird changes such as platinum converts to chomatic metal but omegon converts to platinum. Would have made more sense to leave platinum and convert omegon to chomatic metal. All of these changes are from 1.38 to 1.52.

Item Became
Albumin Pearl Unknown Change
Aluminum Ammonia Change
Antimatter Unknown Change
Aquasphere Chloide Lattice Change
Calium Chlorine Change
Chrysonite Ionised Cobalt Change
Copper Paraffinium Change
Cymatagen Indium Change
Dimensional Matrix Aronium Change
Dynamic Resonator Antimatter Housing Change
Emeril Dioxite Change
Fascination Bead Korvax Casing Change
Gek Charm Gek Relic Change
Gold Uranium Change
Grahgrah Unknown Change
Heridium Copper Change
Iridium Pure Ferrite Change
Iron Ferrite Dust Change
Murrine Ionised Cobalt Change
Neutrino Module Aronium Change
Nickel Pyrite Change
Night Crystals Tetra Cobalt Change
Omegon Platinum Change
Platinum Chromatic Metal Change
Plutonium Condensed Carbon Change
Radnox Magnetised Ferrite Change
Sac Venom Unknown Change
Suspension Fluid Unknown Change
Thamium Oxygen Change
Titanium Sodium Nitrate Change
Tropheum Unknown Change
Viridium Emeril Change
Voltaic Cell Ion Battery Change
Zinc Sodium Change

EDIT: Amazing that this formatted so well. Usually the text editors lack this ability.


Interesting. It indicates a much bigger change of direction than one might otherwise suppose. The game’s economics have been pretty much redesigned, from the ground up.

And, whilst your chart shows magnetised ferrite as being exchanged for Radnox, it was also exchanged for Detritium. If you follow the Exocraft Technician’s quest, he sends you after magnetised ferrite - but at one point in the dialogue, the programmers have obviously slipped up, and it’s sending you to get Detritium.

I think there have been far more changes than we can track. It’s not linear.


I didn’t add the detritum because I wasn’t going to steal credit for something that someone else had discovered. You can also see that some items have the change listed as “unknown” which is because those were in storage containers and I did not rebuild these in my brief foray into 1.52.

Hoping that within a week or two 1.5 will be fully patched so that I can migrate over but until then will stay where I am.

The following items did not change from 1.38 to 1.52 and a few items I kept in inventory from when I was still playing the Fed-Ex missions or tasks.

Cactus Flesh
Circuit Board
Comet Droplets
Convergence Cube
Five Dimension Torus
Frost Crystal
Fungal Mould
Gamma Root
Gek Relic
Gravitino Ball
Heat Capacitor
Kelp Sac
Korvax Casing
Living Glass
Marrow Bulb
Non-stick Piston
Poly Fibre
Power Gel
Self-repairing Heridium
Star Bulb
Unstable Gel
Vortex Cube
Warp Cell

EDIT: The formulae may have changed to manufacture some of the products but the previously created product migrated to 1.52 without changing.


Oy. Honestly, it’s not about claiming credit. You’ve done a very thorough job. But what you’re showing is that there have been so many changes that we can’t really make comparisons between the old game and the new. Too much has changed.

It wasn’t until I looked at the lists you’ve produced, that I realised how much of a re-launch NEXT actually was. Virtually everything has changed. It’s not really possible to make comparisons any more. We have to learn a new game.


Thank you very much for this list! That really helps. :heart:


Thanks for the information! I’ve been looking for Magnitized Ferrite for hours. I am suppose to create a blueprint analyser. Does anyone know how I would make the stuff?

Thank you in advance.

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Might have helped more if I had posted this two weeks ago when I created this.

The below probably belongs somewhere else but I also tracked what installed technology migrated. Was going to disassemble anything that did not convert over but the technology modules and additional nanites are probably more helpful than reclaiming 50% (rounded down) of the original construction materials. Anything not listed became obsolete with the exception of exocraft that I did not have a chance to check. Some of the “weapons” were also not checked such as pulse splitter and boltcaster as my current multitool blows away doors with one shot/grenade and my mining beam is far more powerful and efficient than anything else.

Hopefully by the end of this week we will be up to 1.58 or so and have a version that is more playable so that I can update out of 1.38.

Location Tech
Exosuit - Main Jetpack
Exosuit - Main Hazrd Protection
Exosuit - Main Life Support
Starship Tech Photonix Core
Starship Tech Phase Beam
Starship Tech Economy Scanner
Starship Tech Conflict Scanner
Starship Tech Warp Sigma Name Change
Starship Tech Warp Tau Name Change
Starship Tech Warp Theta Name Change
Starship Photon Canon
Starship Deflector Shield
Starship Pulse Engine
Starship Hyperdrive
Starship Launch Thruster
Multitool Mining Beam
Multitool Advanced Mining Laser
Multitool Scanner
Multitool Analysis Visor
Multitool Plasma Launcher

Thank you also Polyphemus. I’ll hopefully get the exosuit quest soon from the guy at the space station. I’ll note that slip up because has you not mentioned that I would probably pull my hair out thinking it’s a bug lol.

Happy Traveling!

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Magnetised ferrite is VERY useful to keep around and ALWAYS worth making…it takes very little to refill the terrain manipulator…much cheaper than filling it with regular ferrite…and conversion from regular ferrite to magentised is only 2 to 1…because from ferrite to pure ferrite is 1 to 1 so nothing is lost there. Though pure ferrite is everywhere as well so you can just mine and refine that rather than double refining from regular to magnetised.


Throw some Carbon in the mix and double your Pure Ferrite to 2 Magnetised :wink:

I do however believe a mistake has been made with the 1 Carbon + 1 Pure Ferrite = 2 Magnetised Ferrite. I believe it needs to be 2 Carbon instead. Reason for this is due to 1 Condensed Carbon + 1 Pure Ferrite = 3 Magnetised Ferrite, which makes no sense, as you can get more if you first turn Condensed Carbon into 2 Carbon again, to then end up getting 4 Magnetised instead.

Makes sense? Similar recipe for Condensed Carbon doubling using Oxygen, where the recipe is done correctly.

Anyways, Magnetised / Pure Ferrite is indeed useful to have and easy to refine into as much as you wish with basically just Oxygen (Oxygen Harvester).


You can also get alottments of 100 magnetized ferrite from landing on some undamaged frigates in your fleet to complete the exocraft specialist mission.

Also on the ground, the glowing Radnox ore is now Chlorine.


You’re so right DarthTrethon.
I was able to make some from another mineral and it’s way way cheap to make :smiley:
I like mining and refining so much, its great!


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I think I’m a ways off from getting the exocraft mission, but I look forward to it and thank you for the information too!