Materials Reset On Leaving System?

I am building a pumping tower in my settlement. It told me it wanted 380 magnetised ferrite for the final finish. I supplied the magnetised ferrite, and was told it would take 4 hours to finish the job. I then teleported to another system to do other things.

When I came back, around 6 hours later, the pumping tower said it wanted 380 magnetised ferrite for the final finish. I supplied the magnetised ferrite, and was told it would take 4 hours to finish the job. I went to the space station, then spent some time teleporting around other systems. I saved my game, and shut it down.

Next day, I started up the game, and went to the settlement. The pumping tower told me it wanted 380 magnetised ferrite for the final finish. I supplied the magnetised ferrite, and was told it would take 4 hours to finish the job. I travelled around some space stations, learning Korvax words, and came back to the settlement around 7 hours later.

The pumping tower told me it wanted 380 magnetised ferrite for the final finish. I supplied the magnetised ferrite, and was told it would take 4 hours to finish the job.

This is starting to look like a bug. Has anybody else experienced this?


I have the same problem on my settlement landing pad.
I know this bug has been picked up & is being looked at in experimental.
I just gave up & will come back later once it’s fixed.


Yup, I’ve been building a new house for over 24 hours because when the timer expires, it usually just repeats the same stage. It’s only advanced 2 out of about 12 attempts so far. Particularly irksome as the timer on this one is a nice short ~45 minutes / stage. The outcome didn’t matter if I left the system, or stayed on the same planet the whole time. It hasn’t mattered if I was playing while it expired, or if I left and logged back on after it was supposed to be done. So for now my town just goes further and further into debt with no new opportunities to reverse that…


I stayed in the system this time. From the time the pumping tower said 4 hours to completion, I didn’t leave the settlement.

The tower completed without further incident. Here it is:

So now I’m confused. I don’t know whether leaving the system causes the problem or not.

As an aside, the design of that tower is straight out of Myst.


I completed the same tower while building a new base in a different system. Also quit overnight. No problems.
Yes, very Myst-like. Love it! :+1:


Well, for me so far, it seems there are different stages in a build, all using the same materials each time. Landing pads, for example, take 3 builds using 3 x Aronium for each build. Another building, see below , also took 3 stages. There is no way I’m hanging around a settlement for 4 hours!

Building #2

I forget what the stages are but possibly “initial build”, “roof” (!?) and “final”.

Maybe a pumping tower has more stages to it? Or a bug. Did the 3d model change each time?

The 1st stage complete on landing pad, peeking over the fence.

However, I had 2 hrs to go on the latest landing pad. Saving and quitting the game to finish for the day I noticed another 3xp update. Downloaded and when I went back into the settlement it had finished that stage and needed new supplies to move onto 2nd stage (roof). A fortunate bug, but maybe the update caused that.

Clearly there are some bugs. Alt-tab out and in causes fps to drop by half - changing gfx settings also does this. On some planets I couldn’t scan (or shoot) medium size plants.

The main bug that I’ve had so far with settlements is that nothing happens for 24hrs, except giving a choice of building to build. That seems to be fixed in the last 3xp build as finally had a vistor offering exciting business propspects.


I did a bit of a test & just stayed in the settlement & turned off the automatic controller sleep timer (PS4) so it didn’t pause.
Completed ok.
Not a good solution for multiple hour builds but it is a work around method until it is fixed.
Latest update should have fixed this which I’m testing with the PS4 turned off now to see what happens…:thinking:


I seem to be having this bug now.

Anybody else build a dance hall? How many repetitions did it take? Mine seems to be stuck on “building basic structure” and the timer is all over the place. For example, it says 54m to go. I teleport to another planet and try to wire up a power generator 900m away, which involves extending the base by 50m at a time. In this instance I had to keep saving and quitting for the last 200m get the game to recognise the extended base. The timer would then say 1h 32m. Once I’d finished the base basic power line I teleported back to the settlement and it said 20m to go. Wasted a bit of time nearby then the timer ran out and nothing happend. It expects more pure ferrite and still saying “basic structure”. I think 4 (now 5) time so far.

The building site also doesn’t render properly.


I was stuck on the “final fit” of the water tower for 4 repetitions. Then, on the 5th, I stayed in the settlement for the whole 4 hours, and it completed as it was supposed to.

I have completed 3 further buildings since then, without any problems. If the bug still exists, it seems to be one of those infuriating transient things that are hard to predict.


Oh joy.

I only have to wait 1hr but I don’t think I have the patience for that. I suppose I could practice base building nearby and then alt-tab to send a bug report.


I found another solution which is just after you’ve deposited the materials, save the game, then quit the game and not play it for 4 hours. Then it’ll complete ok.


Things just got more interesting. My latest building is another tower. With this one, the building stages progressed as they should, with 4 hour countdown between stages.

However, at the end of the final fit stage, the countdown timer (and dialogue box) disappeared, but the scaffolding and fencing remained. I can’t interact with the building any more, but it’s unfinished, and unusable.

The timer was next to the cement mixer. Now it’s gone, but the building isn’t finished.


A few complaints about that on steam as well. It seems every new game mechanic in this game doesn’t really work as it should.

Another example. The settlement is in profit but the numbers don’t seem to be going down (per day) as they should. Productivity is 304k, maintenance is 127k. But the debt only decreased by 11k a day. Some hidden number we are not seeing or someone at HG go the (incredibly easy) maths wrong?

And another. The sentinal threat got to 100% overnight (while sleeping) but when I wandered over some time later I could hear an alarm for 10 seconds, but that was it. Now it’s back to 0%.


I did see some mention on twitter that it is believed HG has some interns working on some of these things…the new base parts, for example


Interns… those high school kids that grab donuts and coffee, and know enough coding to make a weird UI screen? :grin:

Eh, I’m kidding. I’m sure they know more coding than I ever will. Team Mercury seems pretty hep. But this leaves me thinking I should enjoy some more time away from this alternate home of mine. And I do have paintings to paint - and an oil to oil - and Nijol needs another adventure to get him out of the house…


Looks like HG fixed it… the dance hall is finally finished and my vy’keen brothers and sisters (if there is such a thing :thinking:) can finally get their groove on.