1.3 Technology Help pls!

Hey folks,
It’s been some time since I’ve even stepped in to NMS, but one thing cropped up the last time I logged in; When 1.3 dropped I started a fresh new game and since then, I’ve not been able to get the Grenade technology in the launcher. That’s stopped me looking about in the caves because I tend to get lost in those.

So I have a couple of questions please, where do you get this tech and also does anyone know of a good resource for trading info?
I don’t have many credits since most of those were used repairing slots in a ship I had found and I’ve been having trouble building the balance so there’s no question of me ever owning a Freighter at this rate!



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It is very randomly to get this tech. Sometimes it is given with a new multitool you can receive from a Vy’keen on a spacestation.
Sometimes it can be acquired with nanites, also on a Vy’keen space station.
A good resource for trading info might be an economy scanner which can be acquired with nanites on a Gek spacestation.
But both items are not on every spacestation. It is plain luck when you find them these days…
What I do regularly is get missions from the missions board to receive more nanites and units
that way…

Yes, I was wondering about which type of system to get this in, Thanks!
When I asked about resources, I was wondering if there were some websites or similar with tips/techniques. The wiki pages I found haven’t been great.

Just a pity I started fresh from 1.3!
I had a Theta warp-drive before, but now I have a multi-tool with teraforming which I don’t really use!

Also found very few language stones compared to previously and that’s put a bit of a downer on the game for me - I can explore for hours and find nothing of note and I think that’s one of the big reasons I stopped playing before, that, and I keep getting toxic planets to boot.

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Talking to individuals at random bases, doing missions of all sorts and most certainly checking in at every Vykeen space station to see what multitool tech they have are all ways for acquiring tech. The latter being my prefered method. Always have about 300 nanites on you for most tech but some is quite a bit more expensive.

To acquire language, chat to individuals (mostly on trading posts). Vykeen like Mordite, Korvax like Heridium and Gek like Unit$.
Use the signal booster to locate Monoliths. These have 3 knowledge stones plus providing you answer the test question correctly you may also get an Atlas language word…and of course plaques and knowledge stones will provide 1 word each…

I started all over too in 1.3 and because of the Atlas lore, (i.e. the Atlas is “dying” in this version and because of that there are all kinds of catastrophes and glitches) you see many more toxic and abandoned planets, even glass planets with ring wheels on it that tell a bit about how this all happened.
But if you really want to get the hang of this version, you could follow the Artemis story that can be started by responding to the message of a stranger who wants to contact you. Slowly but surely you are guided through the main new features of the game and the ending might turn out very satisfactory…

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Actually, I did that then there was a mini-update(the bug-fixes) I think then the whole quest reset or got messed up some how. What is a ring wheel? and a glass planet?

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You may occasionally encounter what is called an “exotic planet.” These are lifeless planets that are designed to look like mechanical failures and may be called glassy, corrupted, doomed, erased, etc.

The Boundary Failures are large structures on various failed planets (the exotic planets mentioned above) that have a very large vertical wheel mounted on a foundation. At one end there is a spot to interact with to obtain a small tidbit of “lore.” To date these have been basically worthless and often are a bit harder to find despite being very large. There just are not very many of these on a planet so I find one and leave although sometimes I give up on even finding the one.

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I’d love to see one of those one day, but it seems that mostly that stuff seems to crop up closer to the center and I really don’t expect I’ll get there anytime soon, and certainly not before the next universe reset comes when 1.4 lands.

We can all hope that NEXT will be brilliant - Personally, I have my doubts though, I participated in WT the first time and did give them my address - heaven forfend anyone that moves house whilst HG decide when/if to release passes… - sorry, didn’t mean to rant there.

What I meant really to say was I’ve not engaged with WT this time round partly because of that.

here is a link that describes these phenomena

If you do the Atlas Rises storyline, it will give you the Terrain Manipulator blueprint, which can also be used to dig out of caves

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Different galaxy types and also star will affect the frequency of occurrence for exotic planets. Have read that in Euclid, where everyone starts, yellow star systems will not have any exotic planets but in Eissentam exotic planets are pretty common. Example, at 680,000 light-years from center or so, 2 of the last 4 systems had a combined total of 3 exotic planets.

If you are still in Euclid then try filtering by star type (color) to increase your chances of finding an exotic planet.

Good Luck

Thanks for the update :slight_smile:
For anyone interested, my coordinates at the moment are:
Nize: 0E77:0082:0A2D:0001 in Euclid

Also, has anyone wondered if there’s an entirely different set of ‘star-gates’ in the different galaxies? ie. would the coordinates for a Euclid planet work for Eissentam for example;

i.e. is it possible to travel between galaxies with those symbols?

hehe feels like a Galaxy away :wink:

Travelling between galaxies is a no-go. I had to start a new save to get back to Euclid where everyone else was.


Yea it’s a definite no go lol. I’m stuck and waiting in Eissentam, hoping HG gives us a way to come back lol…