Weirdest Bug Ever

Alright. So I was playing NMS (obviously) when I got in my ship and took off. When I held down the circle button on my controller to start going faster, I started going BACKWARDS. And no, I did not have my hand on the joystick to move. I started traveling higher and higher and the movement became really choppy, like I hit extreme turbulence, or my ship decided to eat Taco Bell while I was gone and was feeling the aftershock. After a while, it stopped though. By the time I was in control again, I had traveled across the entire system and stopped at a random moon. Is this normal? Or should I be concerned that my ship has been possessed by Satan himself?


It’s the big version of the bungy bug.
Typically occurs close to terrain and jiggles you backwards until you are suddenly flung into space.
I point nose upwards and then hit full power again to break it out of its spasm. Works most times.
I think it happens after long game time with no restart.
Dont panic too much.

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Ah, ok. Thanks! Ive experienced some weird glitches/ bugs in the past with this game, but that one was pretty high up there XD

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My favorite bug happened while I was standing on top of my spaceship trying to scan a predator that kept jumping up to get me. At one point it jumped up, hit me and sent me flying uncontrollably into the upper atmosphere of the planet! It was actually kind of a rush to free-fall back to the surface and use my jetpack to slow my decent just before impact.


Maybe we need wingsuits!

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