Triangulate issues

How many signal boosters is ‘several’? I’ve placed 5 so far for the alone amidst mission :thinking:

You should be setting one, moving on to the next location per the mission way points and setting another one. It should only take about 5 I believe.


Okay thanks for the quick reply - i’ll maybe try deleting them and go again

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Make sure you interact with each one after you have built it. I missed this step and had the same issue.


Yep thanks for that but just realized I’ve been a total twit and have built 5 beaccons.:rofl:


Also a twit for doing the same thing. The text in the mission info actually uses the word beacon at least once so I didn’t look for a “signal booster” in my construction HUD. I saw a beacon first and thought that was the one. Didn’t figure it out until I tried to activate my beacons (because I forgot to do that too!) and all it would do is save the game.

I didn’t realize the info said beacon :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

welcome to the total twit club :rofl:


Just an observation. The blueprint for the beacon is given by your scientist. That artemis mission comes fairly early on. If you were to start a new game, this mission would trigger well before you have that blueprint. I’m guessing you guys are using old saves, thus the confusion.