Anyone else notice the iteration on the Atlas distress beacon?

Its that guy… the unknown dreamer… unless i didnt notice from 1.3… but still… its them…

…Any thoughts?


Don’t remember the iteration on the Atlas but I did go to an Atlas station and I got a new piece of tech for my suit…another orb type thing similar to remembrance but different…no idea what it does…it doesn’t say.

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I noticed a few things. In my old save came across a crashed ship site with a beacon and when I started a new save and my ship started up. I took screenshots of it all if people are interested :slight_smile:

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I started a new save a couple of weeks ago. It’s the same in v1.38 so nothing new.

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Poop, I didn’t even realize. So #231187661T was transferred/deleted before the ARG? Interesting.

Has this always been at the beginning? I didn’t take any notice of anything last time I started the game from scratch (in normal mode)…


If I remember correctly this is how things begin after the Atlas rises update (someone correct me if I’m wrong).

This is new if you start over after the NEXT update. It’s all part of the “tutorial” if you start a new save.

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That’s your galactic coordinates.

Is it me or the “subroutine| GLASS” is new ? I remember anomaly, traveller etc but glass ?