New flight controls, what are your thoughts?

The improved flight controls are an improvement imo, but still need some tweaking. The boost is better, turning seems better too, can hover in place now. And low flying is a lot of fun!

However, the acceleration is way too slow, and flying in space is much slower than before. With my current ship, max speed without the boost is 98u.

And does anyone else find the brake too harsh? You come to a dead stop regardless of your speed! I picture my guy flying thru the windshield every time I hit the brake haha.

Those are my thoughts, what are yours?


Good topic opener @Wickerson! I for one generally agree with you.

  1. Low flying is good, but there is still restriction - If only just for realism, I would prefer being able to hit the ground at any speed - maybe even into water? How about option to switch between auto-pilot & manual control?
  2. Perhaps hover could be activated by a button?
  3. Normal acceleration is a tad too linear imo.
  4. If using pulse-jet in atmosphere, when released, ship comes to almost instant stop unless you have normal accelerator pressed - so YES auto-brake / deceleration is too harsh
  5. Such sudden & automatic deceleration in space should not exist
  6. Performance upgrades i.e. thrusters for maneuverability would be a nice addition in future update

Anyway, I’m sure everyone else has smarter thoughts & ideas,


Me :sunglasses:


Overall flight control is still a little floaty. These 3 star enemies are able to turn on a dime in a dog fight, while I feel like I’m driving the Titanic. They force you into a head to head joust and unless you have shield upgrades or really good damage it’s not an easy fight. I do enjoy the smarts of the AI, I would like tighter controls at least for the shuttles, fighters and explorers (or even if the mass of the ship could play in).

If anyone knows any programs that will allow you to use a joystick, it would be much appreciated. I doubt I’d ever walk on land again if I had a joystick.


I totally agree with that. Flying is a pain during fights.


As for our home [PC players] we were just talking about this, yesterday. There’s an emulator called, eboxce (Xbox controller emulator), I think. It enables support for the joystick. It’s available on nexusmods and/or

Here’s the Reddit thread link where my bf was having a discussion on this topic. He has been using the Logitech 3D Xtreme Pro (Hotus style) joystick for flying in NMS.


Me like! I believe I even have that joystick. I will take a look into this when I get off work

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You have to use the new system. You come to a complete stop when you brake now. So just hit the brake as you turn, and accelerate after, and you too can turn on a dime :grin:

Edit: I don’t like how you come to a complete stop if you’re not holding the throttle. Annoying…


I learned shortly before 1.3, to turn tightly like enemy AI, you also need to tilt your ship sideways in the corresponding direction. It takes a while to get used to it but once you do this combined with braking you can turn on the spot, also helps if you up turn sensitivity a bit.


The flying is fine, feels a bit more ‘real’ than the pre-1.3 flying where you couldn’t crash :stuck_out_tongue: Only problem I have is the loss of the semi auto-aim, that big ass hauler of mine ain’t fun to fight with :sweat:


I like the controls, don’t want anything changed, feels right.

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I think that flying now in patch 1.3 got more realistic and of course more difficult. I rather learn to fly again with those commands/difficulty than just fly over the surface with no risks of collision at all.

It is more difficult, like the battles in the sky, but i has been soo long since I wanted the game to becom more difficult, and especially fights/flying!

So here’s a Happy Citizen!


Yeah the auto aim was a big plus, especially with the phase beam. The phase beam feels too difficult to hit with now, maybe it’s bugged?

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Those are some good ideas! The biggest problem I have is controlling the speed. Seems like we’re either holding down the boost button or hitting the break and coming to a dead stop. I miss the smoother acceleration/deceleration controls, especially while flying in space.

Anyone else feel flying in space without the boost is too slow?

Thanks for the tip! I’ll try that later today :slight_smile:


That auto-aim was the whole reason I removed the beam from my ships. It would literally hit random ships at a 90 degree angle from where I was aiming to shoot an asteroid or enemy ship. That was in 1.0 though, it might have been better in later patches.

As for flying without boost, I dunno… If you wanna go fast, you boost, if not, I don’t mind it going slower if I’m trying to actually maneuver somewhere. I wouldn’t mind if you could fly at speeds between “boost” and “full stop” though, so I’d support the smoother slowing down notion.

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I really missed the phase beam auto aim at first but after a while I’ve gotten used to the new method, it does lock eventually, you jsut need to be more precise and a bit better at tracking the flight path, it seems the hitzone for autoaim on phase beam is super tight.

As @Shota pointed out, its kind of a good thing its not so sensitive anymore. The amount of times I was helping defend against pirates and then suddenly rather than shoot the pirate im chasing it will fire 90 degrees and hit the nearest ship to me, usually a friendly, to which theyd turn on me, and then sentinels would come and I ONLY WANTED TO HELP :’(

Havent had any friendly fire issues with 1.3 :slight_smile:


btw, photon cannons are waaaaay cooler anyway. I didn’t have any issues with hitting friendlies on that one. Well… except that one time I was trying to shoot a pirate that was flying over a freighter… lets just say not all photon orbs (shells?) hit the right target there… ^^


Personally, I want the ability to set an exact destination target either on a planet or from space and just have the ship get there accordingly using an auto pilot function choosing the best course of action in terms of process (hovering if it can’t land safely) . Don’t get me wrong I like using free flight as well, but for really distance destinations that can take several minutes using boost I don’t want to have to sit there and avidly monitor the situation, finger firmly pressing down on boost. It’s pretty asinine that you’ve a starship capable of warping between solar systems, yet it will happily bounce off a space station or a planets surface and then once more head out into the void simply because you’re distracted by some RL stuff.


That’s not a bad idea! If it was part of the quick menu you could point your ship at the icon, select “auto pilot” and it’ll take you there while you take care of RL stuff. When you come back the ship could be hovering or even have landed.

Also, seems like HG have addressed the braking system since this thread started; it’s more gradual now!

One thing I forgot to mention, has anyone noticed how your ship will slow down when you turn? And does this bother anyone else? I find often myself completely stopped while floating thru space mining asteroids, or worse, in the middle of a dog fight.


I would have thought there was some scope to say leverage the up button of the D-pad from a controller perspective when in a ship to bring up a contextual list of on planet targets in that regard. similarly, this could be utilized to delete old/redundant waypoints as well (something the game sorely needs).