My Theory on Phase 2/3

After some time to think, I think everything is going to continue on the existing websites. I think this is part of the reason for the high number of unsolved mysteries. Some of the mysteries are for phase 2-3. I expect 2 more sets of sygils each cycling through the sites a second and third time with more changes and reveals.


I’ve been thinking the same thing. Here’s to the next recursion! Hopefully it begins soon.

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Sounds like a reasonable level headed thought.


Joking aside, this seems very reasonable, and would be an interesting twist. Having everyone going “I seem to remember something that fits this situation on superlumina/myriad” etc.

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What about the remaining cassette tapes… There’s still a lot of them unaccounted for. And the sequence they’re being sent out isn’t numerical order. Personally I find these tapes to be the most fascinating aspect of this whole ordeal. I can’t wait to hear what’s next on them!

It might even be that some of the tapes have simply not turned up because the one who received them didn’t want to share. One of the “first” batch was never uploaded (and probably not listened to), there could very well be more of those out there.
The second option is that some were related to the puzzles we did not solve (according to Elizabeth).

And finally, the third option is that they’ll still show up at some point in one of the next two phases. :slight_smile:

Everyone who received one (at least it seems) uploaded theirs except for Barky, but it’s because he couldn’t. He was on vacation. I am fairly confident that his tape wouldn’t reveal anything new.

Based off Elizabeth response to my loose ends thread, im not sure there will be any more casette tapes…