My Crackpot theory (at the moment)

Ok so we’re all here because we’ve either stumbled across these 16 radio stations, been hooked in from NMS via the 16 tapes or have been unlucky enough to ask for assistance with our amateur
radio from ETRC station.

No matter how we got here, we are here, we are trapped and they are watching us!

Up until recently I assumed our efforts in solving these ‘puzzles’ was directed towards thwarting ‘them’ (the unseen enemy watching us) and escaping this ‘game’ we find ourselves trapped in.

But just recently I find myself wondering ‘what if?’

What if ‘they’ need us? What if we are helping ‘them’? What if there is some ‘puppet master’ controlling and directing us to ‘their’ own ends?

The more puzzles we solve, the deeper we dig, the more icons we unlock, the more suspicious websites we find, there is always one name which remains constant “Old Gods”. Could he be the malevolent force behind this? Who knows about him? Who works for him? Are we being betrayed from within?

Or maybe I’ve just had too much coffee and too little sleep?


We’ve all had too little sleep!!! lol

I agree, though, with the controlling part. The second PDF/Memo had the Major stating that they needed to share more information with the “Facility Camus” which is, by assumption, us, since the information in the PDF states some very accurate and very current actions happening on all the sites mentioned. The Major wants to be careful in what they reveal while getting our help, but Elizabeth seems to believe we can help her/them understand whatever it is we are supposed to figure out.

The first video message where she says “help us” - I believe - is a plea for collaboration. Help them find answers.

But if they aren’t “controlling” us in the way you suspect, then… who is?! (if at all…?)

So many questions! So many directions it could go!
I’m trying not to get too ahead of myself, but dang, the intrigue is REAL! :smiley:

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