What if we're totally wrong? What if WT is a trap?

What IF we’re all being deceived by whoever the protagonist is here, and those messages are actually a trap? What if, they’re pointing us to something we didn’t suppose to do, deliberately, so we do it? Maybe this is how the experiment went wrong? What if we are the trigger?

Maybe Elizabeth isn’t real, or her image has been used by the protagonist, that’s why it is corrupted and fragmented. Maybe we shouldn’t listen?

Of course, we can’t stop now, our curious nature will win here (as always). We solve the final puzzle, activate (most probably) portals and let the ‘entity’ in to our world. Because portals could work in both ways, let us in but also let the other things out?

As far as I remember from history lessons, Titans were in fact evil, wanted to destroy humans, thus they were send to hell / Tartarus / Underworld, imprisoned till the end of times. So why, on Earth, we would have any desire to wake any Titan up? :thinking:

I’m telling you, we’re doing something wrong here… :wink:


I will have to admit that I began to suspect something nefarious when the majority ended up turning the Superlumina-6c website an eye-gouging pink. :confounded:

But seriously, it’s one of those things that in any endeavor involving other human beings, the possibility of underhanded manipulations is always there. And it might fit right in with black British humor…

This also harmonizes ominously with one of the messages we got on Cobra TV’s tape 9/16:

One day your voice will speak to you telling you of something, some signal that needs answering. It will tell you of some secret at the heart of reality, some puzzle that needs to be solved lest all life falls into decay and oblivion. Do not listen to it. If all the world is a lie, then nothing is true, not even that explanation. Abandon it. Abandon me. It is inevitable.

It could be a common factor to consider. And Atlas doesn’t really seem all that friendly or benevolent.

On the other hand, the simplest, most direct answer is usually true. We have evidence that more-clever-than-wise eggheads let their scientific ambitions get the better of them, and one of their arcane quantum experiments got out of hand. Somehow, either a recursive time loop or whatever, they believe they’re in a trap as a result, and are calling for help in the only way they know how, by sending messages to their past outside the bounds of the events that spawned the calamity. The humane tendency is to want to help.

Also, there are extraneous things that conflict with the creepybad theory. There are the messages, like the one from the Crusaders From Beyond, their message at the lower part of Superlumina-6c. Extraneous matters that don’t contribute to some nefarious scheme only serve to muddle things and harm the chances of desired outcomes. There are the issues which are the basis of the websites. I would think that we would be encouraged to contribute to furthering things, like signing up for their services or solving problems for them. Casting the whole thing as something that blows up in a seriously bad way, including ways that could affect the very universe somehow, seem like the kinds of things you wouldn’t do to further the aims of these guys.

Or maybe you’re right, and helping them will free them to continue their research, which ends up giving birth to Atlas and quite possibly the Sentinels. After all, Atlas and the Sentinels are destined to exist in our space faring alternate reality.

Hmm… gonna help anyway, and sort it out later. :rofl:

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If Elizabeth has sent multiple messages in multiple time lines, that means whatever she is trying to change by contacting the past isn’t working. Whatever we do in reaction to her messages might just be making the problem worse.

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I touched on this in my glitch thread. Either Elizabeth and the Atlas Foundation is trying to prevent something that may have happened in the future, or we are being manipulated into doing their dirty work for them. It’s also possible that there are multiple Elizabeths, one being real, and one being an AI version of her.

The fact that the glyphs on the Waking Titan site glow a blood red when activated, which is reminiscent of the red orbs in Atlas stations, and also of the red area of the Superlumina homepage with its ominous message, makes me think that helping to activate Waking Titan might have a bad outcome.

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I was keeping your glitch post in mind, as it was looking at this possibility in two ways, yours and kesbets. Of course, now it’s incumbent upon you guys to see if you can work out the problem with this hypothesis as the outcome. I’ll be keen to see what kinds of conclusions you give to the upcoming revelations.

I’m still of the simple answer mindset, while knowing full well that whatever we do, Atlas and the Sentinels are going to exist regardless. Maybe part of the update will involve this pre-Lore in a contest with this omnipresent Overlord.

As with everything No Man’s Sky, we shall see. :wink:

Whatever the truth may be I plan on following this thing through to the end


I too am here until the end, even if I am lacking in the NMS lore/experience side of things :slight_smile:

Okay conspiratorialists, how about this.

What if the problem is a Bad Actor?

My premise could be worse than Atlas seizing control. What if someone on the inside has delusions of grandeur, to the point of megalomania? And not necessarily an insane person, but someone who is captivated with the prospect of literally playing God with the universe? And with the Atlas Foundation projects, they see that they have that opportunity for real.

They seize on their chance when the technology collectively is mature enough, likely given a nudge to move when Elizabeth Leighton’s messages begin piling up. And it’s possible that they see her message as confirmation that one aspect of their plan is a success: lay a trap for the team so they can’t interfere.

Should this Bad Actor succeed, they could activate Atlas, and disable safeguards which prevent it from achieving super-intelligence and sentience, as well as bestowing control on the quantum technologies developed in the other branches, and directing Atlas to trap the significant members of the organizations so they couldn’t intervene. Without leadership, organizations tend to become paralyzed unless very specific and well prepared action plans are implemented with well trained personnel. And frankly, something like this would utterly blindside me too.

If they win, they may cause the Technological Singularity I hypothesize to happen as Atlas hacks into the universe and enthrones the Bad Guy as its god. Then, Bad Guy causes the human race to be uploaded as software entities which coalesce into a cloud of intellects as the Convergence. And to make sure Atlas can’t prevent them from doing what they want in the future, it isolates the Atlas to a series of nodes scattered across the cosmos.

I don’t think this is what’s going on, but it’s one explanation of Atlas’ isolation in NMS, and it’s a possibility that should be considered.

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The thing that has been eating at me more and more is that Atlas, being named after and also being Titanic in scale, seems to be quite awake. Both in NMS and WT. We see the atlas speak to us at many stations, and we get messages from Liz. This leaves me wondering what Titan we would be trying to wake atm…

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So I’ve been blathering on and on about how the Atlas Foundation produces Atlas which is a quantum supercomputer which achieves superconsciousness and is the thing which takes over all of freaking EVERYTHING as the Technological Singularity… (breaath) And ends up installing a new universe over this one.

Does anyone have other ideas? I have to know something for certain. This is eating at my soul.


I don’t think it’s going to take over the world. I think the Atlas universe simulation will just be a new place people will store the echoes of their loved ones so they can live happily. Then they get left there so long they lose all memories of being human.

Which is pretty messed up when you think about it.


Me, I’m just curious, I wanna see what’s up. If it gets me killed then whatever, something was going to eventually, and if not then I’d be annoyed not knowing what’s going on.


In spite of all the risks… covfefe.