Odd Speculation/Realisation


I’m gonna sound like a paranoid dude here, but the more i look at the dialogue from the side A on that tape, the more i feel it’s talking about waking titan as a whole. For Example;

“One day your voice will speak to you telling you of something, some signal that needs answering. It will tell you of some secret at the heart of reality, some puzzle that needs to be solved lest all life falls into decay and oblivion. Do not listen to it.”

It doesn’t help that we’re doing this under the pretence of saving/helping this woman we know next to nothing about.

Anyone else feel the same? Like something’s off?


Cue Star Wars quote reference: “It’s a trap!”


It wouldn’t surprise me if it was, lol.


It is inevitable. Our fate is sealed. We have taken the first step, the journey must be completed. The puzzle will be solved or it will consume us all in our trying. Titan must awake.


Way to sound like a cultist, lol. I mean we’re all screwed anyway, we all joined willingly. Let’s hope we’re eaten first.


Would you like some kool-aid?


Nope, lol. none of that