The end? Loose end? But but but

I see two possible reasons for there being loose ends; one or both of them may be true.

A. The ARG storyline will come into play in the NMS storyline and continue there.

B. Waking Titan was basically the one-year anniversary event for No Man’s Sky. It could be they plan to continue the storyline in a new ARG next year.


Or they had some extra story written out in case the developers ran in to unexpected trouble needing more time to finish the update. Which was not nessecary and therefore the story accelerated?

They could have just slowed down the pace of what they were releasing in that case, my guess if there is a patch it was done before the launch of wt and then they setup wt to end before the bday.

she hinted at this possibly being linked to another one kind of I really hope they do

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