Looking for Suggestions

So, today has been overwhelming, to say the least! We’ve had a BUNCH of new members join in the course of less than half a day, thanks to this forum being connected to the Waking Titan investigation (along with a bunch of other communities). Since there’s such a strong presence of you all here, I was considering making some minor changes to the forum to better accommodate things. I’m going to present some ideas, and I’d really like it if some of our newer users could give me a bit of feedback and maybe let me know what they would like or wouldn’t like, even if I don’t mention it!

I’d like to make a new subforum for the Waking Titan investigation. If I make a Waking Titan subforum, it will be easier to organize things inside of it. I’m almost definitely going to do this.

In the new subforum, I’d like to make a couple of major threads-- One for ‘Easter eggs’, definitely. And maybe either individual threads for each puzzle we come to on the wakingtitan.com ‘hub’, or one big thread to deal with them all. And I’ll probably make a pinned thread to organize resources and summarize events for folks who might stumble across the forum.

Or, I could make two subforums-- one for ‘conspiracy theory’ chatter (like Easter egg connections, theories about the goal of this project, etc) and one for talking about more of the ‘main’ parts of the investigation-- things that get handed to us.



I like the second idea, might help keep some of the posts more focused.


Definitely a summary thread. Depending on how big this gets or how intricate the puzzles are they may need there own thread. Two subforums may be better than one


lol Let’s go for the second one. I honestly came here to chat about Radio and in the meantime got sucked into this Titan thing. Really looks like I might need a shiny tinfoil hat.


I’m all for the second idea! :smiley:


I like the second one too :slight_smile: