NMS-Inspired Visual Art


It has been asked for so here it is. A thread for NMS Artwork. No screenshots please. We already have a thread for that. Now start filling it up! :sunglasses:

No Man’s Sky—v1.3 Screenshots & Art
No Man’s Sky—v1.3 Screenshots & Art
Help a Fellow Traveller in NEXT

Thanks for starting this Category! <3

Here’s a comic book colouring page I made inspired by NMS. Feel Free to download/print/colour/paint it. (I have made a number of these -will post here if you like the idea --let me know)




Haha, awesome! I’d love to see more :grin:


Thanks! I’d love to see what you guys (or your kids) do with them. :smile:



You did a lovely job on that! I like the subtlety of colour. :heart:


Some more doodles of mine inspired by NMS. Feel free to colour them up and post your lovely work here.


How do you draw that?


@projectcartwheel Not sure what you mean. I use Faber-Castell India ink (PITT) pens on Strathmore Series 400 Sketchbooks.

Analog, aka: traditional pen and paper not digital.


Oh, I meant what you used to draw that. It looks really professional.


Thank you! :heart:

I am a professional artist/painter. Also a fairly lazy one. lol

Decades of daily practice pays off. Also never rarely use pencils beforehand.


Printed on silver foil paper then colored


Oh! That is beautiful! :heart: You’ve been to that planet haven’t you. :wink:
Love it!
Edit: Coloured pencils? or paint?


Thanks! Haven’t used my colored pencils in a long time. This has been fun! Thanks for the artwork. :heart:


My pleasure! I love your colours.


This thread is for visual arts. I’d be more inclined to put that in the video category or make a separate one for NMS inspired music/soundtracks.


Well i see Music as art too tbh.


I’ll just delete it if you wish.


Oh, definitely Music is art.! I’m also a musician. But Visual Arts is a different category, that’s all. It’s up to you. :`)


Indeed :slight_smile: