Decisions Decisions Decisions (#POTENTIAL STORY SPOILERS#)

Im at the point in my game where ive been given 3 choices

Seek the final interface
Complete the Atlas path
Explore the galaxy

Now ive googled about what one to do and most say Complete the Atlas path but i would just like some clarification if anyone would be kind enough to help as to what each option ACTUALLY does because ive read some stuff about my character being wiped and being sent to a new galaxy does that mean money,nanites,quicksilver starships freighter and all blueprints,upgrades will be gone like literally starting again because if so that is horrendous i want to complete the game but not have to literally start over i spent days getting my freighter and everything else so again any help would be appreciated


Its not quite as bad as that, your character doesn’t get wiped. You will still have all of your stuff…ships, freighter, multitools etc.
On resetting the sim all the stuff in your active multitool will be broken(but fixable). Also all the tech in your general suit inventory will be broken but the tech inventory will be ok. Same for your active ship (general not tech inventory)

If you have 2 multi tools have the one you dont care about active when you reset. Same with ships, if you have a clanker, do it up just enough to allow you into the galaxy centre .


ah ok thankyou for that i feel alot better now so what path should i take seek interface or complete atlas?
Because i also read something about if i choose one path i cant go back and do the other


If I remember right the outcome is the same just one is a bit of a shortcut. Im sure someone will correct me if Im wrong tho :slight_smile:


@steve Darn I don’t want to spoil anything so it is hard to answer. But, I would do the Atlas Path first then the final interface. And as @dersvr said use your clunker ship or only have the 4 rechargeable tech in the ship general inventory and if you don’t have a second multitool get the cheapest one you can find and switch to it before you jump to the center.


I like that they have these options, but I’d prefer they’d let players make an informed choice with in-game information. The first thing I learned about NMS was alas “read Reddit first, use common sense second”… :stuck_out_tongue:


Basically you can do all 3 anyway. In other words, choosing one will not prevent you from doing the other afterwards. Not anymore anyway. You use to loose all your base… after reset or core jumping but that is not the case anymore. So Enjoy all of them :slight_smile: