The NEXT Portal Repository


The Portal Repository is a catalog of player-submitted portal addresses throughout the entire universe of No Man’s Sky. Each address is categorized by game version, platform, mode, galaxy and keyword characteristics. By keeping all addresses properly categorized and tagged it makes it easier for other players to sort and search for addresses they are interested in visiting.

I started The Portal Repository in late 2017 and it has become increasingly popular in the last few months, with over 370 addresses submitted during the Atlas Rises iteration. Now that NEXT has launched I overhauled the website, archived the old addresses and updated the submission form based on some of the new features in NEXT.

The Portal Repository can be a valuable resource for players that want to share their base creations with the community and for those that want to visit some interesting sites around the universe. Share your portal address today and let’s build a robust catalog of awesome portal addresses together!

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