PS4 Portal Adresses!


Good Morning to you Fellow Citizens!

Since PC and PS4 Portal adresses are different, I thought I would create a topic where PS4 Players can post theirs.

Any address is Welcome! Poisonous planets, Sand Planets, Ice planets etc.
The main idea is to add as many adresses we can, to finally create some huge PS4 Portal adresse database.
Here is the deal to keep the Topic clean and readable:

If you Citizens are ok with it, let’s just post easy simple information like:

Adresse (glyphs): /glyphs/ (Picture of the glyphs sequence)
Location: /Distance from Center/
Environnement of the planet: /poisonous/Radioactive/Icy/ etc…
And the race Korvax, gek or Vy’Keen

And that’s it!

If you Citizens have any other suggestion to add, feel free to post your thoughts!

Until then, Take care Citizens!


wait what?!


I’ll post some PS4 addresses here that Ive found. All various locations. Apologies for resolution, Im snapping them straight off the tv. Also you don’t need all 16 glyphs for these ones. At the time i only had 5 or 6.




yeah, I been putting random glyphs in and this one only needs first 5 glyphs.
Will give an error but will bring you to an ocean, so is very handy when i need to get some kelp sac.


Not sure it’s worth putting this here really, on foot, my base is 12 hrs away and the cold would kill you before you even got close.
Be great if someone takes up the challenge to visit me though. Be a lot quicker in an Exocraft…

Many thanks to @ekult for finding this for me. I even had my doubts my ice-cube even had a portal.

Portal Address

Location on Galactic Map

Coords: 0833:0083:0989:005B


I don’t want to be a buzz kill, but I find this kind of thread useless… After 20 or so posts, you do not find what you want. Especially when people post addresses with no description… Btw. I think the same of the reddit posts… A better way would be a wiki or a special data base like eddb.
And also I think posting the glyph location is not the best way… With the PILGRIM STAR website converter I only use the hex codes, much easier to share and document… Not everyone is on PC, and sharing from PS4 is a pain in…
So no offence I do not like that post… Just my opinion… /A


Hello to you my Fellow Citizen @xelarajo!

Thanks for giving your opinion, it is very welcome and I didn’t take it as an offense at all!
Indeed I opened this thread yesterday, for people to share their location and glyphs sequences. It may not be the best way of course, but just because I think it’s pretty fun once you’re in front of a portal and just copy the sequence :smile:

I completely agree with you on the description (planet, system, race) of the posted sequence. Maybe you have the skills and time to create seach page? I went to have a look on the eddb website, and indeed the information is very clear and nicely organized! Personally I didn’t even know this website existed xD, so thanks!

Until then, take care fellow citizen!

No Man’s Sky—v1.3 Screenshots & Art

Whats the difference between posting a picture of the glyphs and posting a series of numbers?

Am generally interested.


I’m up for a challenge! I might come visit sometime today. If I do I’ll leave a Communication Becon !


That would be totally amazing if you could.

I would love for someone to see my base.

With the coords I provided, is there anyone close to me? I want to visit someone and don’t have any glyphs yet :frowning:


Well, for PC probably no difference… But on PS4 it is a great effort, at least for me. And typing a hex code into a website on my ipad during gameplay is much easier. Ok you need the PILGRIM PATH website to convert the hex code to glyphs, but this is not as much pain as getting the screenshot of the PS4… Again, a portal address database would, IMHO, still the best solution, especially, if you can enrich the address with extra data… In this post, you see, even the description says what you should post, but people do not care… And what is a glyph address if I do not know what I’ll find there… Ok, it is good for people who want mystery and blind exploration, but then I do not need the glyph postings, at all, cause you just can enter random glyphs… Same effect… IMHO… Anyway, do as you like, you won’t find any glyph postings from me, here. Made my point, and thats enough for me… Have fun and enjoy jumping… :slight_smile:


Same here! I am ready and up for the challenge. Gonna feel AMAZING when i finally portal back to my home xD.


From what I know they have the same portal address, we just can’t see other players and bases cross platform. I can confirm this because just last week I helped my parents that live in a different city get their hands on some cymatigen. They didn’t have the Theta hyperdrive so they couldn’t manually travel to a blue star system. I play on PS4 and they play on PC. We are in the same galaxy and they were able to get to the same portal. So I can confirm they do work cross platform just as long as it’s the same galaxy :smiley:


I tried getting to your base yesterday, got about an hour in and it was still 4hrs away in an Exocraft so turned back! :frowning: left a few messages about though. One at the Portal etc


Thanks for trying. Maybe I should find a portal on a neighbouring planet with a base hopefully not too far so people can bring their ships?

Thanks again for the effort!