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No Man's Sky Armorers!

Share discovered multi-tools; Any class/type. You can post photos, with details or without, providing coordinates or seed codes, or not. (Seeds: Editors GoatFungus, Raxdiam, etc)

Multi-Tools are Pistils and Rifles of Regular, Experimental, Alien or any other future tools.

Reference :link: ProcGen—Seed Codes, Save Editors & Mods
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Since I was never able to find an Experimental S-Class Multi-Tool out in the wilds of Atlas Rises v1.3…

I finally just loaded up a save editor and invested hours into searching out just the one I wanted.

Now, I could have just went with any seed on the web, but I wanted something I found myself, so…

I basically just kept tweaking the code for random generation, :gun: and that’s how I found this one.

Seed: 0x88639F9F9754D6C6 - Enjoy!


And the reason it says “Obsolete Technology” so many times in my multi-tool inventory, is because most of my tech was needing replaced after NEXT v1.5 dropped. So the above images reflect that, too.


I would be interest to see what people find.

I found a 24 slot S-Class rifle (regular type) last night. It was orange and blue in color. I initially found a 10 slot S-class pistol with the same colors and the rifle appeared after a game reload.

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Wow. Those stats are of the charts. :open_mouth:

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I still have my 24 slot from v1.3. Just getting everything upgraded again now.


Found a C-class experimental with 19 slots yesterday. Not exactly epic, but pretty good for early game.
Now I only have to get 3.5 mil together to buy the bugger…

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I was about to have my Alien multitool fully back in working order and to its top potential again but my save once again stopped loading…if it gets fixed I’ll finish kitting it out and I’ll put pictures here but it may take a while as I’m on PS4 and there’s no experimental option so will have to wait.


Found these ones in Atlas Rises. They’re regular rifles. - Only details I have are what’s below.

Here’s the 1st multi-tool upgrade I ever made; And I did so in my starting home system…

First I went with a C class 18 slot, and kept being offered a 19 slot, but it was no better.

That’s when I found this one, which was located right next door to my first home base…

So I saved up, returned and bought that S class. :heart_eyes: Never traded again, till the Experimental.


I’ve always called it my “Goldenberry Bangcaster”. - Here, I’ll load up the seed for another go…

It’s in-game name has changed, I see. It seems the name to all seeds reset with the update.

"Shadow of Netrettnevs-Smit" became “Hidden Stasis Atomiser”. :wink: I think I like the new name!

Seed: 0x762E4BBD905CA533 - Enjoy!


And just a v1.3 random one I found; I didn’t capture any details. It was from a neighboring system.


Btw, At least as of v1.5, multi-tool doesn’t render in photo mode, so I’m having to take these photos without entering photo mode. Do accept my apologies for having to display on screen notifications.

Photo mode presently shows me in the position of holding the multi-tool, but there is none to be seen. Although, on the bright side, I guess perhaps on screen notifications keep things true to form, maybe.


And now for what’s probably the most sought after Experimental multi-tool of all time…

Seed: 0x21F1D1D7996DB10 - Enjoy!


My former multitool returned to its proper glory!


Damn that is the one I need!


That’s just a rifle type weapon…even at S class its stat bonuses will be terrible…just FYI. Rifle and Pistol type weapons are terrible. The Alien and Experimental types have the ungodly stat bonuses.


I don’t care about stats. :stuck_out_tongue: I need it for the look and hopefully it would have more slots than my current one. One of the first multitools I ever got was one just like that. I liked the rifle design but not the color. However the color started to grow on me, and when foundation made it grey I realized I missed the pink and green. So I luckily found another pink and green not long after and have had it ever since, upgrades making sure I could survive. I’ve wanted to change it but haven’t found a suitable replacement.


I have that rifle in S class but it is mostly white. It’s my favourite styled rifle so far. I don’t always go for stats over style so even though I’ve come across better I’ve hung onto it.


I certainly don’t mind the looks of the Alien weapons but surely the Experimental weapons are the very definition of elegance. I personally don’t like the aesthetics of the Rifles, Pistols, and Experimental because they look too human…sure some look more sci-fi than others but they still look like they were put together by people in a factory somewhere. Even though there are no humans in NMS those still look very much like human creations…the alien weapons look…well…alien. They look like something we’d never be able to pull off in a factory…weapons made of organic matter.


I wasn’t sure about the new module system at first, but its pretty good on the multi tools. On ships it’s even better though.