Multi-tool, Starship & Freighter Stats

This is all leading to… Do the stats matter anymore?


Was doing the Atlas Path and what should I come upon along my wonderful journey but these amazing Multi-tools. :joy: Two of them were at the Space Station, which offered S class.

Upon first arrival, I saw a Regular Rifle and was over joyed. I then reloaded my game save on the furthest planet and was shocked to come upon an Alien Pistil at the Space Station. :astonished: I was pretty bummed :neutral_face: out that this solar system only had 2 planets, cause I would have loved to had more choices, but that’s just how it goes sometimes. I liked that the rifle had 24 slots but I preferred the look of the Alien, and wished it was an Alien Rifle.

So I then called in the Space Anomaly and after reloading, was astonished to then see a different color B class Alien Pistil Multi-tool, right there at the Anomaly. :crazy_face: Unfortunately, it too was a pistil and also a B, so in the end I just went for the Regular Rifle at the Space Station.


And so it was that I continued my journey, and came across multiple supermassive freighters. I just couldn’t afford them, so I passed them up - but I did capture pics and coordinates to at least the 2 largest ones, so I could return.

I have a C class 29 slot supermassive, and was just hoping to up my slots.


So after the Atlas Path, I started Dreams of the Deep, and what should I come across but a crashed and sunken starship, it was a large C class fighter, :rocket: and it was in the deepest depths of the Abyss. So I claimed it.

A Question of Stats

I have 1040 hours in No Man’s Sky and started playing Normal and Survival during NEXT v1.5.

With BEYOND I’ve started a new save in Normal. I presently have a supermassive C class freighter, a large A class fighter and a Regular S class Rifle Multi-tool, and when I compare them against other ships or multi-tools, like the Alien Multi-tools or the crashed and sunken ship, I can’t seem to determine base stats of any freighter, starship or multi-tool, or any difference at all between ship or tool types… like Supermassive Freighter vs Regular Freighter… or Regular Rifle vs Alien Pistil… or Fighter vs Explorer vs Hauler vs Shuttle vs Exotic… Only thing I can know for sure is that S A B C classes determine the amount of slots a ship or tool will have, and that installing technology is what increases stats.

So… How do we now determine the base stats of starships and multi-tools?

Is there any difference at all between ship or tool types, besides aesthetics?


Do the stats mater anymore?

Here’s the pics that go with all the above…

Tool Pics


Atlas Station with Space Station and Space Anomaly where I found the Muti-Tools…

The Regular S class Rifle at the Space Station that I ended up going with…

The Alien S class Pistil at the Space Station from the furthest planet reload…

The Alien B class Pistil at the Space Anomaly from Space Station or Anomaly reloads…

:arrow_up: Here’s the Portal address. Enjoy!

Comparing stats with my prior tool

At the Space Station…

At the Space Anomaly…

Ship Pics


:arrow_up: Here’s the Portal address. Enjoy!

BEFORE - repairing the sunken ships technology and damaged slots…

AFTER - repairing the sunken ships technology and damaged slots…

Comparing stats with my present ship

Compared with a random ship, after repaired…

Freighter Pics



:arrow_up: Here’s the Portal address, to the above freighter. Enjoy!

:arrow_up: Here’s the Portal address. Enjoy!

Comparing stats with my present freighter

Largest Supermassive…

Smaller Supermassive…

As can be seen… Some supermassive freighters are smaller or larger in appearance. Does the visual size of freighters affect the amount of slots? Or is the amount of slots entirely based on class?

What’s your thoughts on Stats?


For me personally I’ve never really played for the stats of my equipment. It’s always been about slot amount and aesthetic. I’ve passed plenty of s class multi tools with high stats that have one less slot than a B class with low stats I might be carrying but passed because it was yuck.

Same goes for ships and freighters, and Im never really actively seeking them, it all falls to happenstance for me. I guess that’s how I’ve Ben playing for three years so I don’t see it changing any time soon :slight_smile:

Early game on new playthroughs I guess I’m a bit different, I’ll take the ugliest multitool if it has full slots and I’m only at 13 slots on a multitool with a nice aesthetic etc. Then I’ll just hang on to it until a multitool with same slots but better look happens along. Even if the 13 slot is an s class and the full slot is lower class. Same practice with ships and freighters.