Curious about multi-tools

Hello all, I’m wondering about multitools. When you do the comparison option, they compare the base stats, not including mods, correct? Because if it also counted my mods, my current multitool is going to “win” in most comparisons? Just making sure.

I’m currently on “The Purge”, and I’ve stopped into Space Stations and some minor settlements in each system before I warp along. I’ve run into several nice A class weapons, but in comparison, they’re always substantially worse than the B class multitool i’ve been using for countless hours. The A class rifles that I’ve seen have max slots, which is great, but their stats are consistently around 500 for damage potential and 220 for scanner range. Am I just getting unlucky with rolls?

I’ve tried to do the thing where I pop a manual save on a planet and go back to the space station but it doesn’t seem to change the multitool…


The only way I know to check is to purchase the new one without trading in your old one. Gradually upgrade the new one until you can tell if it is better, or much better.

Someone here correct me if I’m wrong, but there are two classes of MTs. One wit better stats for mining, and one with better stats for fighting.

If I were you, though I would check for some newer videos on how to get a S-class MT.

I believe @MacForADay has one that shows how to get a cool Alien one, and of course there is always Xaine’s World.

Good Luck! :+1:


Sounds good, thank you!


Multitools basically work similar to ships. However, with ships you can have a meaningful compare by scanning your ship to see the base stats without having to remove upgrades. With Multitools there is no way to see your base stats once you have added upgrades. I would not advise to remove any upgrades you made either, unless you don’t care about the cost to possibly get them re-installed again after. This is a good reason to make a screenshot whenever you get a new multitool, so you can reference the base stats later. I am pretty sure that some of the A-Class tools you’ve seen, would have beaten your current B-Class once upgraded/modified alike.

The NMS wiki has a decent page describing Multitools. Rifles can be pretty good, but if you want the ‘best’ multitool and wish to max it out, you’d likely want an Experimental or an Alien with 24 slots (max). The Experimental is a bit more focused on Scanning bonus, while the Alien is a bit more focused on Damage. They are otherwise pretty similar in their bonus/stats. Of course you’d go for S-Class.

As for reloading to get a different model, I believe this should still work. Each location basically has a pool of about 2-4 models. So when you reload, there is a chance you will be offered a different model. However, the amount of slots and Class will not change.


  • Pistol S-Class max:
    • 0 Damage, 35 Mining, and 50 Scanning.
    • 10 Slots
  • Rifle S-Class max:
    • 20 Damage, 0 Mining, and 20 Scanning.
    • 24 Slots
  • Alien S-Class max:
    • 35 Damage, 20 Mining, and 60 Scanning.
    • 24 Slots
  • Experimental S-Class max:
    • 25 Damage, 30 Mining, and 100 Scanning.
    • 24 Slots

Note: I believe some of the legacy multitools from older game versions may have higher stats than possible in current version of the game.


The way the pool works right now, is when you enter a system you are automatically drawing from the system seed pool. When you save and then reload on a planet, you switch to that planets seed pool - that is why sometimes they change and sometimes they don’t. Just reloading on the same planet keeps you on that same pool, and you will see the same multitools in the same cabinets


This is all very helpful, thank you! While we’re talking about multi-tools, I’ve come across plenty of great mods that provide massive credit bonuses for scanning flora and fauna, but none for minerals. I’ve just been assuming that there are no mods that provide mineral scanning bonuses. Is that correct?


I have so far never used any mods, so I am not too familiar with what is out there. I don’t recall ever seeing a mod that includes mineral scan bonuses. There are mods which alter the bonuses for Flora, Fauna, and Scan radius.

Having looked at the basic technology and the procedural upgrades in the source files, it appears minerals are not included in the procedural upgrades. This is likely why no mods are available for this. I do however have a feeling it may be possible after having looked into the source files.


I just noticed that this in posted in the bugs and issues category.

Perhaps more people would benefit from it if it were moved to the Help A Fellow Traveller category? Just a thought. :thinking:


I had not … but have now corrected the category for this topic, thanks


Minerals are paying and have been for a long time 200 no matter the tool upgrades you have.


I have found that I generally ignore the basic stats & simply go for an ‘A’ class multitool with lots of slots. Easier to find & therefore quicker to get myself set up.
Once it’s piled up with ‘S’ class modules, it does its job well enough.
I then gradually collect more ‘S’ modules for my chosen weapons & store them so that when I eventually do stumble over a suitable ‘S’ it’s a fast, easy upgrade.
In truth, from a weapons standpoint, I haven’t found a really noticable difference between a well equipped ‘A’ class multitool & an equally equipped ‘S’ class.

With the new addition of owning multiple multitools, I bought a regular junky pistol for the new tools, (Solar Ray & Animus), as I figured I’d hardly use them again.

Ohh…& I never install a Plasma Launcher in my permadeath save. Lessons were learned :skull_and_crossbones:

I’m liking the idea of this topic & would be interested to see what others are using & finding…even mediocre set ups.


Honestly I’ve been doing the same, I’ve had the same 23-slot A-class with S class modules since Next, never found a better one. I gave up looking for Experimentals.

My theory was that the dialog must be comparing the upgraded values of the one I have with the unupgraded one for sale, and that’s why my current one always appears better. I didn’t look deeply into it, though, I haven’t seen an S-class tool in years, so I could never compare my A to an S class.

Actually… I could now get any random secondary tool and use it for comparative testing!

PS: And, yeah, no “self destruct module”. :slight_smile: Just Scatterblaster and Boltcaster. Last year or so I upgraded all my Boltcaster modules to S class and wondered why I had not done that… Then I realised that the Boltcaster becomes almost unusable due to Ricochet. :-/ Since I was hoping to find a better one soon I have not undone that yet, but it’s next up. Javelin was fun, but a bit slow. What’s the range on a pulse splitter?


My prefered weapons are Boltcaster (without a ricochet module), the Scatter Blaster, (for up close & personal encounters), & the rather dangerous Plasma Launcher, (in my non-permadeath saves).
Add to these, a fully equpped Mining Laser & Scanner, a Survey Device, obligatory Terrain Manipulator & maybe the Personal Forcefield, (which I never use) & that pretty much rounds out my rifles.

Not sure about the Pulse Splitter range.
Might have a look at it as a secondary weapon alternative…


Hello everyone, I’ve tried various systems, with no luck. I did some research and found this, and currently, I’m in the correct system:

Specifically, I’m looking for the full experimental S class multitool under the title Okkinfo Makun. Although it’s old, there are signs left by other players that seem to suggest the multitool was found here recently, and notes to “save” if the multitool is not here.

I’ve gone to a minor settlement, and it’s not there. At the space station, there is a regular S class multitool, with not a lot of slots, but definitely NOT the one on the picture.

So, am I correct in that I should make a save on a planet, load that save, then fly back to the space station?


Ooops looks like the link didn’t go through. Here’s a pic:


The post says Xbox, so might not be the same for other platforms. It mentions the Multitool being at the Space Station, so if several reloads does not show it, you might have to look for another post.

There is a reply to that post as well, saying no S-Class Multitool was found.

Here is a Reddit link with a search for ‘flair’: Euclid Multitool"Euclid%2FMulti%20Tool"&restrict_sr=1
Might be able to find a nice one there.


Thanks! Yeah, it’s a two planet system. When I save and reload on one planet, the MT at the space station is a pistol style S Class MT with a strange slot arrangement. When I save and reload on the other planet, I get a non-experimental S Class rifle. Not the one in the picture! I’ve tried some of the minor dwelling and haven’t had luck, either. Thank you for the reddit link! I’ll keep looking.


Check out the video on this page and have a look through the list of of tools until you see one you like. I have the Alien one that I got from following a vid by @MacForADay from this forum that I can no longer find . :expressionless:


Thank you for that resource! Earlier this morning, I found the following one from the Reddit thread that @DevilinPixy posted. The thread posted information on what planet to save and reload from before going to the space station and everything! But thanks for that link, I’ll continually be looking for cool stuff just for fun. (This picture is from the Reddit post). Thanks again everyone for all the helpful links, opinions, and and info!